Thursday, January 7, 2010

Faves and Fails...

Taking inspiration from one of my favourite blogs, I thought I'd start up a semi-regular post about things that are favourites of mine and things that just don't work for me.


* Eve Lom: I started using Eve Lom products about 4 months ago when I stumbled across them in Space NK in London. I had read about them in numerous glossy magazines but couldn't believe they were really all that. I was wrong. They really are the shizz - never has my skin been as smooth or as radiant as when I use her products. I am currently using the best ever cleanser (it really really is that good - but it is so rich I only use it twice a week), the muslins, the TLC Radiance Cream and the TLC Cream (again very rich so only use it a few times a week - usually after the cleanser). All are fabulous. You can't buy them in Australia (as far as I have found) but by all reports it's cheapest to buy them from the Eve Lom website and have them shipped. International shiping is flat rate of 15 pounds per order. Stock up.
* Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SP 30+: As a grown up, I think it's super important to wear sunscreen all year round. It does make you look younger in the long run by protecting against sun damage and you are less likely to die form skin cancer and all those nasty things. My skin normally rebels vociferously against sunscreen however (spots pimples and blackheads galore), so it was an absolute godsend to find this one. It's light, doesn't give you that ghostly effect that so many others seem to, it doesn't clog pores and a little goes a very very long way. The expense is worth it.
* Korres Rice Bran Mascara: OMG - this stuff is the best. A long time user of DiorShow, I can't believe how the Korres Mascara lengthens and separates my eyelashes. And it makes them GROW. It was given to me as a gift from a beautiful friend and I use it every day. It's fabulous.
* Dorothy Perkins: Cheap, cheerful and on trend, this UK chain has wonderful customer service, good quality clothing and reasonable international shipping. What more could you want (other than dresses that are slightly longer to fit my 175cm body)?
* The Outnet: The spunky little sister of Net A Porter, this fashion outlet is wonderful for us Aussies who are a season behind the US and the UK. Next season's clothes at sale prices? Who can resist?
* Freya lingerie: For those of us who are more than well-endowed, fashionable, supportive lingerie is often hard to find. My pick of the moment is Freya - I have four of their bras and they are amazing - they hold their shape, they give beautiful lines under clothes and they don't give you the horrible 4-boob look... Available at select Myer stores or from Bravissimo. It's cheaper there for sure, if you know what size you are.

* Online Stores that charge too much for shipping. Mimco, I am specifically looking at you. There is no way it costs $20 to ship a pair of earrings anywhere in Australia. You should be ashamed. Get with the program.
* People who stop in the middle of the pavement to answer their phone calls. If you stop I am going to run into you and I won't apologise. It's not my fault - it's yours. Deal.
*Books: I love love love books. I devour them like they are boxes of very expensive chocolates. But why do they have to be so expensive? They aren't this expensive in the UK or the US and don't use that crappy argument about economies of scale. It's pathetic. Ditto this rant and apply it to CDs as well.
* People who don't put their dishes in the dishwasher: This specifically applies to work colleagues. I didn't realise I work with people who are such piglets. Is it really that hard to put your plate and your fork in the dishwasher? Or do you honestly think that other people who work with you are your slaves who should pick up after you?

So what makes you fizzle with excitement or stomp your feet with rage?

Kitty xxx


Elise said...

I think I will need to try the korres mascara!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

It's fantastic! Highly recommended!

Clare said...

hey hey... the rice bran mascara friend was me! god, i'm honestly such a crazy missionary with that stuff...

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Absolutely! It was you! And it's fantastic. Won't ever go back!