Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things I would like: Homewares

For those of you who don't know, Mr Kitty and I are about to knock down our house and rebuild. When I say "knock down" I really do mean knock down - it's start again, from the beginning, from scratch. The definition of "about to" is somewhat more elastic. We've been planning this for almost 3 years. Mr Kitty takes to things slowly. It's a process. A long one, apparently.

As a consequence, I have put off buying anything for the house. I haven't bought much in a very long time and it's killing me. I'm in a real nesting phase and not being able to buy stuff (or even re-decorate our current home) is really cramping my style wings.

I'd say my style is "classic modern". I'm not minimalist - I'm still too eclectic - but I'm not traditional. I love Cape Cod style homes and the warmth they seem to exude so when it comes to decorating our home I want to include some of the principles I see in homes I like. Texture. Movement. Complementary colours. Shading.

Despite not being able to purchase much, I do still have a list of things that I want. That I covet. That I know would make my life more complete.

When I have my nice new kitchen, I would like this, for example:

It's a beautiful new pistachio Kitchenaid. Fabulous, no? I am so sick of using our 30+ year old hand-me-down Kenwood Chef that rattles like it's going to die in a chocolate battered fit every time I make something. I can't wait for the time when I can whip up a batch of cupcakes and not have to catch the mixer as it falls of the bench.

Another thing I am coveting is this teapot:
It's a Limoges Legle Parma Teapot. I have bits and pieces from the tea set already but I really really want the teapot... In mauve. Please.

I also adore modern china and have managed to collect quite a lot from Jenggala over the past few years. It's all white/cream and looks spectacular and many of the items we have purchased are one off pieces. But recently I was introduced to an Australian manufacturer and I have started coveting some of their highly individual pieces, like this:

It's from the fabulous Have you Met Miss Jones who makes some spectacular decorative items. I can just see this in my new (imaginary) home with a stem or two of phalaenopsis orchids in it. Divine. There are many things from that range that I covet - they are all so interesting and cute.

For our dining room I am also very fond of the Philippe Stark designed Kartell Ghost chairs. I think they are FAB. Mr Kitty not so much. I may have to used my superior stills of negotiation and persuasion to get these in the door, but I will try my hardest!

And there are many more things on my list. But I won't bore you with them just now. Save them for later!

Kitty xx


L said...

EEEEE! Pistachio Kitchen Aid is my dream item for the kitchen, I cant justify to buy it though as I don't spend enough time baking as I would like to.

fleury said...

miss kitty you totally need ghost chairs.....tell mr kitty you have a supporter! I always get a bit scared that i'm going to fall straight through them though haha
my homewares lust list is going to space furniture and causing mass credit card destruction!!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

I bake quite a bit, blondie, but I think my current one has to die before I am allowed to buy a new one. Not fair, I say.

They are FAB, Fleur. I really want them but Mr Kitty says they might "date" our house. Like everything else I put in it won't!!

Donna said...

A KitchenAid is also my dream kitchen item in pink or candy apple red.

And that Have You Met Miss Jones vase is to die for!

Kahlee said...

I am also coveting a Kitchenaid, but I haven't decided what colour .. although now that Thermoix is in Australia, I want to investigate that more. I've been putting buying a pretty mixer off until we move to Sydney. Also a slow process, because of my Mr ;)

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

I love all Kitchenaids, Donna. I would love a Red one but I don't think it would go with our new Kitchen. Having said that, a pistachio one probably wouldn't either. I'll probably end up getting stainless steel or white - boring but practical.

Mr's are slow sometimes, Kahlee. It's infuriating, but I just have to believe we'll get to our destination eventually! As I'm sure you will! I have never heard of a Thermoix - what does it do?

Esta said...

I'm coveting the red kitchen aide - I got the red kitchen aide food processor for a wedding present - haven't used it yet as our current kitchen is a bit squishy. Hanging out for when we buy a new place later this year or else i understake some serious de-cluttering. Whichever comes first :)

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Ahh. De-clutter. I'd love to do that to my kitchen. Mr Kitty is a hoarder though. When we move we will have a massive chuck, I hope!

Kahlee said...

Oops - the Thermomix does just about everything!

I will still have to get my Kitchenaid though, on further reflection.

Amy said...

Dan & I went to look at a fab apartment in Jacksons Landing at the weekend, and the place was decked out in all the top stuff in order to sell it, but what particularly caught my eye were the Kartell Ghost Chairs. They were plonked in the dining area around a neat little table and under a chandelier - the mix of classic & modern furnishings was surprisingly good. Unfortunately our style is not condusive to the Ghosts, but when they are done well, they look fantastic. Hopefully you can persuade Mr Kitty!

Hello, by the way - love the blog :)

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Hmmm... The Thermomix does look interesting! But I still want a kitchenaid!

Amy - I have seen the ghosts done really well and very badly. I think I will have to see them in situ before I make a final decision. Unfortunately Mr Kitty thinks they look plasticky, which I guess they do... And I worry about them dating. Only time will tell!

The Distressed Mother said...

After coving the KitchenAid for years, I finally bought one. It is the best thing I have EVER bought. Unfortunately, since I have returned to work I no longer bake daily, but still love to look at it lovingly when I am not using it.

The Distressed Mother said...

i mean *coveting*