Monday, January 4, 2010

Maximus Cattus

Meet my baby. His name is Max and he's a chocolate Burmese. After Mr Kitty he is the love of my life (but only because he bites - Max, not Mr Kitty - and don't tell Mr Kitty that I love Max more than him or he might make me do the cleaning).

Max is 10 months old and as cute as a button, as mad as a cut snake and as bossy as... a very bossy person. Maybe Hermione from Harry Potter. She's very bossy.

Max rules our house, our lives and our hearts. He is a very special cat.

One of the things that makes him special is his love of water. He likes to get in the shower with me (but not Mr Kitty as he splashes too much) and get all wet. Part of me thinks it's pretty cute. Another part of me thinks it's a little creepy and weird. But he seems to love it - so who am I to take away his fun, just because it weirds me out?

Anyway, Max is about to go from being an only child to a big brother. Millie arrives at the end of January (she's a blue tortie Burmese) and isn't that going to rock his world?!


Alexandra said...

References to harry potter in a cat post? I love your blog!
Please post pictures of Millie when you get her, I love Burmese cats.

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Why thank you! I will definitely post photos of Millie when we get her. We are off to visit her this weekend and I'll see if I can get her to sit still long enough.