Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I heart my new teacup.

 Image courtesy Rockett St George

While I was in the UK, I purchased a new mug. Unlike Mr K who has used the same coffee mugs for decades (no kidding - Mikasa Sophisticate from 1990), I like to mix my tea vessels up somewhat.

My latest aquisition is a Rory Dobner cup. I adore his line drawings but unfortunately an original is a bit out of our price range at the moment, so a mug it was. I purchased mine from Libertys. It's called  the Time Flies mug - seems apt given how little time I seem to have every day. It reminds me to stop and have a nice relax over a cup of tea - this week it's T2 French Greay. An all time favourite around here.

You can purchase the mug online at Rockett St George - it's not available on the Libertys website at the moment, although other designs are. I might just have to add to my collection (luckily homewares aren't included in the Shopping Ban, Mr K)...

And while I am at it, Roost have a print of the Time Flies motif - at 66 pounds ex-tax, I think that's a bit of a bargain Christmas present... Hint Hint, Mr K...


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Project Nada: an update

Almost three weeks in and we are still going strong. There was some wavering at Chatswood the other day (Damn you Leona!) but I stuck to my guns and kept walking. Fast.

Given I am on a shopping ban, I have no idea why I am bothering to visit Net-a-Porter. But I do. I guess it's hard to break the habits of a lifetime. And this Lanvin dress would just about make me break my ban.

How amazing. Stunning. The pleated origami folds are just heaven. The asymmetric neckline and waterfall hemline? Genius. Thank god they don't have it in my size or there would be trouble. It would be worth breaking the ban for this. Seriously.


Monday, October 29, 2012

My new favourite Red.

I love a great red lipstick and I am always on the hunt for the perfect red. It seems to be a never ending quest for me.

While I was in London, I stopped at the NARS counter at HoF (House of Fraser) to pick up a dupe of my new favourite velvet gloss lip pencil, Club Mix (it's awesome-pants. Seriously. Get on it.).

I know Afghan Red had been around for ages but for some reason it's just never really appealed. In the tube it looks a little too brown to me, and brown is something I just can't do. But on closer inspection, it's more a garnet than brown. A deeper red. The sales assistant talked me into trying it and I'm glad I gave in.

On my skin tone, its perfect. It's a lighter red, sheerer for summer than the old stalwarts of MAC's Viva Glam I and my NARS Velvet pencils. Its deep raspberry tone and satin texture means that it goes well with a multitude of looks.

Saying that it is lighter probably is a bit misleading. It's not sheer by any stretch of the imagination but it's not as dry as many of the other highly pigmented lipsticks I wear. It's definitely not an "in your face" red, but in this case that's a good thing. I have plenty of those. This has versatility. It's more neutral on me. It's available from Mecca for $39. Yes, I know, extortionate considering the US price, but honestly, good lipstick is worth paying for. And this is good lipstick.

I'm looking forward to wearing you all summer!

Kitty x

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Diptyque Eau Rose

I am a huge fan of rose perfumes. On my wedding day I wore Jo Malone's Red Roses. It still brings a smile to my face when I smell it. I often wear it to remind me of that happy day. I also adore YSL's Parisienne, a blackberry-spiked rosey scent. It's a warmer perfume - I tend to wear it more in winter.

While I was in Libertys, I stumbled across the Diptyque counter (as you do) and whilst I toyed with the idea of getting more candles to add to my ever growing collection, I also glanced at the perfumes. And this caught my eye.

It's a very subtle scent. Eau Rose smells gloriously of home grown blooms and spring days. It fades quite quickly leaving just a kiss of rose. A gentle waft of powdery, musky floral, but in a good way, not a nana way. It's the perfect scent for anyone who doesn't like strong perfumes. It's understated but still heady. It changes on your skin as the day progresses. I never get tired of smelling it.

If you are going to Paris, you should really purchase it there. So when I came across the display in Le Bon Marche, I had no option but to buy it. And I am so glad I did. I wear it almost daily and it brings a smile to my face, reminding me of our special family holiday. The smell of sun warmed roses - there is no other perfume like it for me.

For those of you not lucky enough to be able to buy from the source, Mecca Cosmetica stocks this gem too, for $169.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Salted Caramel Biscuits

I have posted here about my - almost indecent - love for Artisan du Chocolat salted caramels before. While I was in London, I read on their facebook page that they were releasing a new product - salted caramel biscuits! How fabulous!

So I skipped off to Selfridges to buy myself a box. Just the one.

What a mistake. Boy was I sorry. That I only bought one box. They are little nuggets of toffee sticky crumbly buttery goodness covered in gorgeous silky milk chocolate. Divine. Heaven. So glad they aren't stocked here, because if they were I'd go though three boxes a week. Easily.

They do ship and it's worth it for a small indulgence. And while you are at it, add a box of salted caramels to your order just for good measure.


Friday, October 26, 2012

London purchases: Duo shoes

I'm a long time devotee of Duo Boots. I have three pairs and absolutely adore them all. I also purchased a pair of fabulous patent mary janes last time I was in the UK which I have worn to death.

Given we are leading into Summer, I wasn't really in the market for a pair of boots, but shoes - shoes I will always love. I haven't really worn heels much since I got Pregnant with Georgie and unfortunately many of my old favourites no longer fit (courtesy of spreading pregnancy feet) so I really needed to find a nice comfy pair of heels.

Enter Duo. Not only do they make sturdy, beautifully crafted boots, they also make shoes. In different widths. And they had exactly what I was after - the Astaire in Black Sparkle Suede. Not only is it comfy, it's pretty sharp looking too, but  also classic enough for everyday wear. A great all-round shoe. Plus - free shipping. Yes, you heard correctly, FREE SHIPPING. If you ever needed a reason to buy a pair of shoes, that would be it! And I honestly can't recommend the shoes and boots highly enough.

You can thank me later.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christmas presents for Baby G

Two full weeks down and no purchases yet. I'm trying to distract myself with Christmas shopping. Not for me, of course... But someone needs some Christmas presents (after we have just managed to get through the Birthday celebrations) and given I'd like to buy her something handmade, I need to get organised!

These Maileg Mice are just fabulous. I know they say for children over three years old... It might be a little too early for Georgie to appreciate how lovely and special they really are. They also have mice in a box. What a neat idea!

How cute is this Westie Vestie? From UK designer Darcy Brown, I really want one for the Little Miss. Such a pity it isn't cold here at Christmas but I might get one for her next Winter... 

G is starting to get creative so a set of crayons might be in order for her to expand her artistic wings. These Kitty Crayons from Etsy are not only cute, they are 100% natural.

Or maybe she needs some woodland creatures to add to her little family of furry friends? These organic felt toys are hand made and can be personalised to make for an extra special gift. I'm personally leaning towards the squirrel or the fox.

Georgie was given some fabulous fake food for her birthday which she absolutely adores - what better than a little kitchen to store it in? Granted, it might be a tad old for her but you can't encourage a kid with cooking too early, in my opinion.

Any other ideas about great things to buy a one year old for Christmas?

Kitty x

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

If I wasn't on a shopping ban...

I would SO be buying this dress.

It's just gorgeous. Beautiful. Breathtaking. It has KITTY written all over it.

I wonder if it's worth breaking my ban just two weeks in...


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project Nada.

I'm still not through with my purchase posts, but the unpacking of said purchases this past week has lead me to a sad realisation. I have stuff. A lot of stuff. Nice stuff, but plenty of it. And my current lifestyle choice doesn't leave much in the way of opportunities for glam dressing.

So I have decided to embark on a period of thrift. Nothing new until Christmas. No handbags, clothes, jewellery or shoes.

I can replace something that breaks or can't be repaired (my loafers took a hit in London and may not be salvageable so I have done a deal with... well, myself that I can replace them if the shoemaker can't mend them properly). But other than that, I have to shop my already extensive wardrobe. Make do. I can buy gifts for others but nothing for myself.

A big call for a self confessed shopaholic.

And the reward for such a feat? Well, other than saving lots and lots of money, I have promised myself a couple of Monica Vinader rings for my efforts. I am thinking an amethyst nugget, a white topaz siren and a pave ring. I'd like a green onyx ring but they don't seem to make them in silver.

So far I am one week in. Ten weeks to go. This is taking Frugal October to a whole new level. Project Nada is officially underway.

Wish me luck.

Kitty x

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Dearest Baby Girl - it seems like yesterday you were born, but in our hearts you have been with us for a lifetime. You are such a delight. Such a joy. I have never met a happier baby. You love having your photo taken and greet everyone you meet with a shy smile. Once you get to know them you share your gorgeous little personality with no hesitation or limitation, chattering away like you are old friends.

You have such a cheeky, gorgeous grin - you are the smiliest baby I have ever known. I think you are the most beautiful thing ever, but then again I am biased, being your mother and so in love with you.

And today you turn one.

You are almost walking, our Little One. You took your first unassisted step a few days ago and are standing quite solidly by yourself. It won't be long before those cats really have something to worry about. You are so pleased with your latest accomplishment, but you do better if you aren't concentrating on standing.

You are saying four words so far: Mama, Dada, Baba and No. That fourth one was a bit of a shock but it's being used quite frequently. And you even seem to know what it actually means, worse luck. You have 8 teeth now and happily display them to anyone who makes a passing comment. Or anyone passing.

You have developed into a very good sleeper and you love to eat, Georgie-girl. The majority of your intake comes from self feeding with the very occasional puree meal. You love roast lamb, salmon, anything with cheese on it, sandwiches, avocado, peaches and egg. You have a particular soft spot for kiwi fruit and blueberries and I could shovel plain yoghurt into you all day. And it's almost mango season again!

Baby G, you are our love, our life, our world. The moon and the stars. Our laughter, our tears, our smiles, our hugs. You are such a loving, happy, giving baby. You love to give and receive hugs. I couldn't have wished for a lovelier little soul to be a part of our family. We feel truly blessed that you picked us and hope we have done a good job so far. We don't always get it right but we love you more than anything. We are so proud of everything we have all achieved over the past 365 days. In good times and bad, we are all better people than before you arrived.You make us so happy.

And in our family there is strength in numbers. Hand in hand we stand together. We have your back, little one. Your love makes me a better person, not only a better Mumma.

We can't imagine our lives without you, our precious Little Bird. Happy first birthday.

We love you so much,

Mummy x

Monday, October 15, 2012

Our baby is about to turn One.

 What a difference a year makes.

This time, exactly one year ago, we were a family of two. Me and Mr Kitty. Oh, and the cats. But we were eagerly awaiting the birth of our little one.

I remember on the Friday before she was born going to Yoga and feeling fine. I had lunch with a few friends, and was planning a series of acupuncture appointments the following week to help with the labour. I certainly didn't feel any different to usual. Uncomfortable. Swollen. Over it. But that was completely normal. I had a feeling I would go past my due date so I never considered that in less than 18 hours I would be in Labour.

I'd like to say the Labour was a blur but I remember it quite vividly. And the memories stand the test of time. 34 hours of sporadic, non-progressive Labour tends to take it out of you. The memories stick around.

She didn't have a name until a few hours before she was born. We called her Smudge throughout the pregnancy - that's what she looked like on the ultrasound. But we haven't called her that since she was pulled from me - she has only been Georgina. It's funny how things change in a heartbeat. In a moment. We went from 2 to 3 and all the love in the world surrounded us like a warm blanket. Our little family.

I remembered thinking how it must feel to be a mother before I had her. No amount of imagining or dreaming could have prepared me for the last 12 months. Being a mum is easily the hardest job I have ever done - and the most thankless - but the rewards have been immeasurable. Worth everything.

The first few months are fuzzy. I can't remember much. The exhaustion, sleep deprivation, the heartbreaking battle with breastfeeding.... It's something almost every new mother goes through but there were times when I felt incredibly isolated and alone. I have my wonderful friends and the stalwarts of my Mother's Group to thank for keeping me sane and seeing me through the hardest parts of those early days.

Once we hit 3 months we had a bit more control. Sleeping was better, we had the feeding licked... We were even venturing out quite frequently without too many dramas. That's when the fun started and we haven't looked back.

And how the time has flown since then. Two interstate trips, two big international trips... She has visited four different countries so far - quite an accomplishment for someone so young. And she has taken to travel like a duck to water. She adapts so well to new situations and people. 

I'll celebrate her birthday with another post, telling her most recent achievements, on her actual birthday, but at the moment it feels like Christmas Eve here. Anticipation, excitement, bliss. And like Christmas, she was the best present a girl could ever ask for.

Kitty xx

Sunday, October 14, 2012

London Purchases: Monica Vinader

I have wanted these earrings for so long. I first saw them on Net-a-Porter well over a year ago and although I loved them I just didn't know if I would wear them. So - as with many things - I ummed and ahhhed and then they were gone.

While I was in London I made sure I took a detour past the lovely Monica Vinader store in South Mouton Street. It's an Aladdin's Cave of jewellery - a treasure trove of modern pieces, rubbly rocks and sparkly gems. Of knobbly silver and organic gold. It's lovely - well worth a visit if you are in the area. And the staff are just wonderful. Nothing is too much trouble.

As soon as I saw these earrings I knew I had to have them. So pretty - very modern but still classic. The size is not overwhelming - they are large but manageable. The pop of purple is a lovely accessory for both summer and winter.

I've got a funny feeling that this won't be my last Monica Vinader purchase! In fact, I wouldn't mind some stacking rings... To be honest I left wanting almost everything in the store...


Saturday, October 13, 2012

London Purchases: Mary Portas

I bought quite a few items while overseas. Shocking, I know. But what's probably more shocking is the fact I bought about half as much as I normally would. One of the disadvantages (or benefits Mr K might say) of travelling with Le Bebe. Not only do you have less luggage space but also less time for shopping.

I did, however, take full advantage of the fact we had a nanny for a few days while in London. She was such a godsend - we could actually get out and do things - and it also allowed us to start to get Baby G used to new people in her life, other than family. She coped remarkably well (as she did the entire trip).

But I digress.

One of the things I was looking forward to most of all on our London trip was visiting House of Fraser. I have been ogling the Mary Portas collection for a good 12 months now but haven't worked up the courage to buy anything. Sizing, quality etc. Not sure, blah blah...

But on this trip I had the opportunity to check out the range for myself and I have to say I was really impressed. The quality is, I think, quite good for the price, and although many of the clothes don't suit my current predicament (I mean, lifestyle), I could see myself wearing a lot of the pieces in another life. The look well made, the fabrics are lovely and the style in many cases is edgy while still retaining somewhat of a classic flavour.

I know it's not going to surprise anyone here that I bought a black dress. It's a gorgeous jersey number with an interesting neck detail (which you can probably see better on the second picture). It's stylish but comfortable - I could see myself wearing it with ankle boots or heels, dressing it down with a cardi and up with a sparkly necklace. It's warm too - even though it's supposed to be Spring here, the weather speaks differently so I might just get some wear out of it sooner than anticipated. I am so looking forward to wearing it!

And the best thing? Even though it was new season, I still got 30% off. Love a good discount.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Pont Neuf: a love story

A long time ago (in what feels like a Galaxy far far away, certainly pre Baby G), Mr and Mrs Kitty travelled to Paris. We did all the usual things: The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, Saint Germain... They also did all the usual stores: Christian Louboutin, Hermes, Galleries Lafayette, Printemps, Le Bon Marche...

And Louis Vuitton.

In this time, a long time ago, Mrs Kitty fell in love with a handbag. A particularly Parisian handbag, named for the oldest bridge in the city. The Pont Neuf.

She ummed and ahhed over it but regretfully did not leave Paris with it.

This trip, she wasn't going to make the same mistake.

Mr Kitty had promised her a handbag on the trip and whilst she toyed briefly with the concept of buying a Chloe Marcie bag, and then a Miu Miu Mattelasse, she kept coming back to Louis.

So in Paris, on that most Parisian of shopping streets, she ventured into the store to see if the old flame was still there. It was. Although she flirted with the Alma and the Mirabeau, she kept coming back to the Pont Neuf.

Not at all practical with a baby (shoulder bags tend to leave your hands free), but oh so beautiful. She had wanted it for so long and time had not dulled her desire.

So she left the store with the bag, and many many thanks to Mr Kitty.

She hopes they will both be very happy together. For a very long time.

Kitty xx

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The trouble with travel...

Is that there is almost no time for blogging.

I attempted to get organised and have some posts lined up before I went but that clearly didn't work. And being on the move with a rowdy baby (although she's not really a  baby anymore, but not yet a toddler - what do you call that??) wasn't conducive to lengthy posts...

We are back - in one piece - with all our luggage. Exhausted. In two minds about whether the effort was worth the trouble but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Seriously large amount of "key learnings" were gathered - will update later, but the most important one was that it was not much of a holiday. There were days off but we moved too much and had too much stuff for it to be really relaxing. It was a wonderful, amazing trip but I didn't relaaaax much at all. Next year we'll have to do that part better!

Kitty x