Thursday, August 23, 2012

Love is a brocade knit dress.

I am totally in love with this Alexander McQueen brocade knit dress.

I wonder if Mr K would notice a 950 quid hole in our credit card?

Within minutes, methinks. Plus it's supposed to be 26 degrees here today.

Apologies for the silence. The colds have taken longer to clear than usual, and the packing... Oh, the packing...

Kitty x

Monday, August 13, 2012

Snot, spots and other maladies.

We've had a rough weekend in the Kitty house.

Poor me - I ate something dodgy at a party on Saturday and have spent the last 48 hours languishing. That's the polite way of saying I spent most of the weekend in the bathroom. I'll leave it up to your imagination but suffice to say it wasn't pretty. Unfortunately my quite severe allergy to shellfish strikes again. Plus I have managed to acquire a nasty spot in the middle of my chin. Bah!

Poor Georgie - we are in the process of switching her formula because the one she was on was making her unwell. Turns out the one we switched to makes her even more unwell. Back to square one. And she has also come down with a nasty nasty cold. Snotastic.

As a result, not much blogging. But I am feeling marginally better today and with a scaled back list of activities for the next week hopefully I'll get around to a few more posts. And perhaps packing for our trip, which still terrifies me.

I mean, what kind of moron takes a 10 month old almost walker on a 6 week trip around Europe??

Kitty xx

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shoes for Georgie

For someone who is incredibly enamoured with footwear, poor Baby G seems to be very lacking in that department. She has a pair of Ugg Boots that she loves to pull off and eat (I think the longest they have stayed on her feet is a number of minutes) and some soft newborn baby shoes she grew out of very quickly but that has been it so far. I haven't bothered with real shoes because I think they aren't all that likely to stay on and I feel she is better off at this point without shoes. She uses her feet to manoeuvre around and learn to stand and cruise so barefoot seems to work well for her at the moment.

Having said that I often look at little shoes and think to myself how cute they are. I know once she starts walking properly, having well fitted supportive shoes is paramount. But for the occasional special occasion prior to that, a cute pair of shoes to complete an outfit can be really special. Even if they only stay on briefly!

I have ordered a pair of soft soled silver shoes for the upcoming wedding we are going to but today while I was out shopping with one of my best friends I came across these beauties.

Made by Melissa, the mini baby campanas are just the cutest things. Mary Jane like, they are flexible and soft but still cute. I don't plan on letting her wear them while she is practicing her standing but with the occasional cute outfit, they should be okay.

And when I showed her these ones she shrieked with delight. What could be better than shoes with cats on them?? They may have been purchased in a much bigger size for when she is fully and properly walking. Maybe...

And let's not tell Mr Kitty about these ones I bought for myself...


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas presents?

Clearly not for Baby G (I already have a few things planned for her Christmas) but for me!

I spotted this necklace today and I really really want one. The question is, do I get one with my initial, Mr K's initial or Georgie's?

This stunning piece is from Jessica de Lotz. Just gorgeous! It's definitely on my Christmas list!