Friday, May 18, 2012


Hair today is inspired by Donald Trump,  via Flock of Seagulls. Courtesy of the insanely low humidity here in Vegas. Even with 80's hair, she's still a beaut.

K xx

Monday, May 7, 2012

Janie and Jack - Palm Desert shopping

Howdy, Aloha and hello there!

Greetings from (exceedingly sunny) Palm Desert, California.

We've had a fantastic few days here so far. After a not so great first day after landing (everyone was ridiculously over tired) we seem to have all slotted into our time zone very nicely. Georgie is now sleeping 8-8 which actually suits us quite well and generally manages three half an hour naps during the day. But nice as that all is, what you are all really here for is the shopping...

With Vegas and 10 days of shopping to come, I have been very light handed so far in the shopping stakes (I can hear Mr K guffawing already). My main purchases (as will likely be the theme of this trip) were from a new store I hadn't seen or heard of before called Janie and Jack - beautiful clothes for fabulous children.

I have to say I went a little mad in there (well, mad by Mr K's standards - totally tame by mine), but when things are on sale you just can't help yourself, now can you!

First up - everything in the store is of a beautiful quality. Gorgeous. The finishes are fantastic, the clothes are all made of beautiful materials and everything is lined. They also have themed collections which make it very (some might say too) easy to buy matching outfits with great accessories.

I walked away with four dresses, a top, a cardigan and a bathing suit (my original intended purchase) for less than $300 including tax. Mt K was horrified, but to be honest, it was pretty good value when you see how great the quality is and think how much similar items would cost in Australia. In terms of the quality it's up there with Petit Bateau and Jacadi.

Here is my haul:

 The Divine floral halter swim suit and matching dress. I really really wanted the poppy pindot bathing suit and will see if I can track it down in a larger size for summer but this is just gorgeous.The matching dress made it all the more worthwhile a purchase.
 The floral patchwork dress and a gorgeous broderie anglaise top. These two I purchased in a larger size so she can wear them over our summer.

 These two purchases I am particularly excited about - the bow plaid dress and the strawberry stripe seersucker dress - again both purchased in the 12-18 month size range. I can't tell you how pretty these two dresses are!
And finally this gorgeous cropped cardigan - if I can find more of their knits in other stores I visit (and there will be more visits Mr K!) I will be stocking up. The quality is superb and for $32 which is what the instore sale price was) it is an absolute bargain. It's a beautiful fine knit.

The bad news for Mr K is that Janie and Jack ship to Australia.  The shipping is really quite steep but I think if you were to combine some purchases with a few friends, or bought quite a few items, it averages it out ok. Having seen the quality, it's definitely worth the price, especially if you can get things on sale.

As for me - well, no purchases so far. Other than some sunscreen. But I did see some gorgeous Manolos in Saks yesterday...  I love a good wedge...


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Martha Stewart Pancake Pan

How lucky is Georgie? Her Daddy bought her a fabulous Martha Stewart barn yard animal pancake pan this afternoon from Macy's. It's just the cutest thing - and the best part? Drastically reduced from $39.99 to $19. Sensational bargain - what I am sure will be the first of many this trip.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Leona - Simone.

I just couldn't resist. I know I am off to the US this week but I love me a little Leona and this dress is a stunner. It's a classic shape and the clover pattern print on the waistband is whimsical and colourful. It goes with so many of my accessories. All round a winner.

And at $149 it's great value. So I bought it. Poor Mr Kitty!