Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shopping, food and other such addictions...

The reality of life is that we all have things we love to do. Shopping, food, eating and reading are just some of mine.

I don't really have hobbies, as such - no macrame or crochet or underwater basket weaving for me. More things I like to do in my spare time - of which I increasingly have very little.

You see, I work at a very hectic and important job for a very large and busy company. A job that leaves me with little spare time other than on the weekends. I commute long distances each day to the aforementioned busy and important place of work. In the interests of privacy (being the world wide web and all) I decline to name aforementioned organisation. Things I might say may or may not get me into trouble, and besides, this is about me for once and not them.

The reality is that I don't like my job anymore and will spend the first half or so of 2010 trying to do something about it. But more about that later and back to the original premise of this post.

Without crochet and underwater basket weaving, I am left with limited ways to fill my weekends. Although not as often as I used to, I tend to spend them cooking and shopping and going to the movies.

Actually, now I think about it, I don't go to the movies all that often. Maybe 10 times a year. So it's not really something I do all the time now is it? Which leaves shopping and cooking. Both of which I seem to devote large quantities of time and energy to doing.

This post will be focused on my love of shopping.

I love to shop. There is no other way to describe it. I will stroll the aisles of a supermarket just for something to do. I'll pop down to David Jones at lunchtime just to visit the shoes. I'll breeze around the racks at Belinda, Cue, Witchery, Mimco and Ojay just to see if there is anything new in stock. Sales assistants know me by name and put things aside for me they think I might like. I feel sorry for people who live in places where the shopping is bad (say Omaha Nebraska). I love to shop so much that it really is becoming an addiction...

I did consider banning myself from shopping as another new years resolution but realised oh too quickly that it would be an impossible resolution to keep. Case in point - yesterday we went to Chatswood for dumplings (New Shanghai dumpling restaurant in Lemon Grove - if you haven't been already you must go. Run - don't walk). On the way back to the car I bought:

* 2 books at Borders
* 2 black dresses from Jane Lamerton at Myer (only one of which was on sale - the shame)...
* A black silk kaftany type top from Myers, also - ahem - not on sale but will be perfect for upcoming trips to Thailand and Mexico (TBC)
* A dress from Katies - in my defense, your honour it was ridiculously on sale and a very pretty colour (cobalt blue) and it is a jersey maxi so very flattering and most importantly of all it was a MEDIUM and covers the thighs of doom beautifully...


Another thing to note - as above I am very good at justifying my purchases. To myself, others and most importantly, Mr Kitty. Is that not a sign of addiction? Justification for doing something you know is wrong?

The only downside of shopping is that is has a rather impactful presence on my bank balance. And on the spare space in my cupboard. Of which - at the moment - there is none. Hmmmm. Something to learn from this perhaps....

Kitty xxx

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