Thursday, July 29, 2010

UK shopping

I love shopping in the UK. I shop a lot online from English stores (UK shops for the most part seem to be totally cool about shipping to Australia and don't charge exorbitant shipping fees, unlike US stores who can't seem to get their heads around it and charge like a wounded bull) but nothing beats walking into a shop, touching and feeling the clothes. Sure, if you aren't heading to the UK, online shopping works in a pinch to get your mitts on some fabulous threads but I still like the physical act of walking into a shop. The thrill you get from handing over the credit card and walking out with that fabulous new dress or pair of shoes just can't be beaten.

I also like the fact that shopping overseas means that not everyone else will be wearing the same outfit as you. Buying things from overseas means you are more likely to have a more unique clothes. I always get more comments of the items I buy overseas than my Australian clothes.

While I am in the UK I'd like to get a few items... Just a few small pieces. Okay, quite a few. You know me! There are no secrets between friends. But as a starting point, these are on the shortlist:

A Mulberry bag - I'd like the leopard print one but I think Mr Kitty might balk at the price. I know I did. I'll probably end up with a more subtle black leather bag. It's a more practical everyday option.

Tilia Boots from Duo. I love the equestrian feel to them and the fact that they are quite long in the leg. I want proper knee high boots and these one tick all my boxes. Just a matter of trying them on Cinderella!

A Boden Chelsea Dress. Boden have a great reputation for really well made colourful clothing and I love this Japanese inspired Chrysanthemum print dress. It's so very pretty. In fact, throw on a pair of opaques and a lavender pashmina and I think these three items would make a fantastic winter outfit together!

I also have a penchant for maxi dresses and this casual lovely caught my eye. From Dorothy Perkins at an absolutely fabulous 19 pounds. That's less than $33. Sensational.

No doubt I'll manage to find a lot more items to put on my list over the next 5 weeks but I think this is a fairly good start.


PS: Day 22 of the shopping ban and still going strong! Although I do have a number of things on my list I'll be rushing out to buy when it's over...


Amy said...

I love Boden! I love to get their catalogues in the post (as much as I like to 'browse' online, I do love a mail order catalogue!) and sit there for ages planning outfits. I never know my size though, so I'm looking forward to doing some physical shopping in-store in January to get the sizing down pat - then my post box will be in for it!

[Mini-boden is adorable too, though obviously of no great use to me...]

OMG 22 days and counting??? You are an inspiration!

Not Quite Nigella said...

LOVE those boots. So great with a short jacket and jeans!

Priscilla said...

I've found a pair of boots in the UK which I've been lusting after for months. They are chocolate Spanish suede from the Really Wild Clothing Company. I am a 39.5 and they don't come in half sizes so at 250 pounds plus 45 postage I'm a bit hesitant to take the plunge...

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Oh, Priscilla! I'm lucky, I'm a straight 41. Duo don't do half sizes either. I have bought from them before and I know my size but for 250 pounds I am trying these babies on before I buy them!

Lorraine - I think they are going to be very versatile!

Amy - It's so good to find another Boden aficionado! I get the catalogue thing but I also like interweb browsing because they do have new stuff online occasionally!

TopChick said...

I love everything on the list, they are all what I would choose as well!

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Great list, Miss Kitty!!

SSG xxx