Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some old-fashioned Sunday sparkle

After yesterday's work-horse shoes (by that I mean Miss Kitty Practical), today we have a pair of sparkly shoes for Sunday's post.

I have only ever worn these shoes once. Inside. On carpet. Sitting down.

They are so beautiful I don't ever want to ruin them, hence they will never go outside.

I bought them from Net-a-Porter about two and a half years ago. They were so beautiful I knew I had to have them as soon as I saw them. I procrastinated for a few days because they were terribly expensive and that was back in the day where buying expensive shoes that I hadn't tried on before on the interwebs was still a bit of a novelty for me. And the exchange rate was ridiculously bad.

Eventually I decided that they were so beautiful and NAP has SUCH a good returns policy that I should give it a whirl.

And boy, am I glad I did.

Plenty of High Street retailers copied this shoe - I know Wittners did a gold and silver version and a black and blue sequin shoe, but the quality was never the same. It just looked... a little cheap. The sequins never sat flat. They didn't hug the shape of the shoe. And I know someone who succumbed and bought the Wittner copies and within three weeks about half a handful of the sequins - or paillettes - had fallen off. You do get what you pay for.

The real beauty of this shoe is in the placement of the sequins. Miu Miu have used tiny sequins on the toe box which graduate to much larger sequins on the heel and then back to tiny sequins at the base of the heel.

The mixture of the shiny black and dark silver sequins works magically. They flash and shine and provide a very special touch to any evening outfit without looking too glittery.

The rounded cone shape of the heel is also beautiful and unusual.

And check out the special soles on these babies! No wonder I never want to wear them outside! And the lining matches - so gorgeous...



KittyCate said...

These are just insanely beautiful! I remember I had a pair of rainbow sequined ballet flats when I was 4. Best shoes ever.
I don't think I could wear these sadly - I tend to be hard on my shoes, and if I damaged these sparklies I would cry!
Loving your blog! x

Michael said...

Wow! Incredible...


Not Quite Nigella said...

Oh my... they are simply gorgeous! I have two pairs of sequin heels and I feel so splendid when I wear them. Great choice buying these-the shape of them is really sexy but elegant! :)

Amy said...

I remember seeing pics of these on the Vogue forums when you bought them. These are beautiful, but what I love most is the classic shape, these will never go out of style. Very jealous indeed! xx

Sydney Shop Girl said...

They are gorgeous shoes, Kitty.

LOL - I too have pairs of heels I have only worn indoors, sitting down and on carpet.... and they come from NAP too.

I love the shoe posts.

SSG xxx

ParisandPearls said...

These shoes are amazing!

Mel said...

Gorgeous!! I wouldn't taken them outdoors either!

TopChick said...

They are amazing Kitty, love, love love!