Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tea for two...

So I posted yesterday about how I found my dream shoes - the Miu Miu teacups - in the middle of an Industrial estate just outside of Florence. Seriously - it looks like a factory, which is apt given it's a factory outlet. Today I'm posting the photos of the second pair I bought. Because one pair of teacups is never enough.

It did fleetingly cross my mind to buy all three pairs of teacups, but even I thought that might be a little on the extravagant side. Plus they weigh a fair amount (almost a kilo per pair) so when you consider my meagre baggage allowance after a three month overseas trip and everything else I managed to purchase on the holiday, two pairs was already an extravagance.

Note the beautiful hand painted detail on the heels again!

It was no choice in the end. I had to have the pink pair. They had to be mine. So pretty!

Pretty golden leather swirls!

I had a little helper for this project... She loves shoes. They smell so good! Note the almost destroyed kitten collar. Her new proper cat collar is arriving this week (leopard print of course, just like her big brother)... At almost 8 months old she is just big enough for a proper cat collar. I think she'll always be petite.

Pretty shoesies!



Not Quite Nigella said...

Oooh they're divine! So Alice in Wonderland and so gorgeous. I can imagine wearing these to Afternoon Tea! :D

Aspiring Domestic Goddess said...

I freaking love them.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Gorgeous shoes. That is all.

SSG xxx

*misskitty* said...

Yay a Millie feature post at last :) You shoe-robe must be like a gallery with all these amazing works of art! These teacup heels are gorgeous but I think my fav so far are still your CL leopard v prives ;)

CameronPoe2409 said...

Those teacups shoes are just soo pretty, I am very jealous and in awe of your fabulous shoe collection!