Friday, July 9, 2010

Miss Kitty's Miu Mius...

I think it's fair to say that most people know I adore Miu Miu shoes. Not only do I find them reasonably comfortable, but I also love their artistic nature. More often than not they are like works of art and when choosing a statement shoe, that's a very good start.

I thought I might feature some of my Miu Miu collection in posts over the next week, starting with two pairs I purchased two years ago in the UK.

I bought them both at Selfridges in the mid-year sale for an extraordinarily low amount of money ($300 and $350 respectively, which for Miu Mius is very good). I have bought most of my designer shoes on sale - having a size 41 foot often means you can snap up a few bargains in sales. Apart from my Louboutins, that is - they have, unfortunately, almost all been full price.

But I digress.

These two beauties come from the jewelled heel era that Miu Miu went through.

The first is a gorgeous pair of sandals - made from silver leather and black suede cut into symmetrical patterns. It's interesting from the front, but the real joy is when you turn the shoe around...

And you get a peek of the heel...

Because it's the heel that's the star of this shoe.

The heel is made from a purple and navy resin like material and is studded with silver, purple and black jewels. It's absolutely stunning and for me, a piece of art.

One more for good measure! Because they are just so gorgeous.

The next set is a pair of satin evening shoes with a jewelled heel, but the heel is metal. Sounds strange, but I assure you, it works!

The front of the shoe is made from black satin, with satin strips decorating the toe box. It has an ankle strap.

As you turn the shoe to the side, you start to see the appeal of these shoes...

The gorgeous blue jewels on the heel!

A close up of the jewels and the metal heel. I'm not normally a huge fan of the metal heel on a shoe but I think it works here.

And a final shot - just for good measure.

Next up - my favourite everyday summer shoe!


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Kiki Chaos said...

omg, those heels are stunning. I just love an embellished heel. And I LOVE that they're metal, it just amps the sexy factor by 10. I wish I could wear that high cut toe on the sandals, but I have very long toes and it just emphasises them :( Hate my tingers...