Monday, July 12, 2010

I don't really need anything.

No really. Nothing. Well, not much. Maybe a handbag. If I see some shoes I like. Oh, maybe just a few casual things. You know, for my retirement gig.

I can see you all ROLLING in the aisles through the interwebs.

Of course I bought FAR too much in the US. Some of it completely useless and fun. Kilos of food (I am a US food junkie - just call me Mrs Goldfish). In fact I bought so much I ended up bringing home 3 suitcases. I took half a suitcase with me. That's two and a half suitcases full of stuff. Stuff I bought.

Yes really.

So much stuff. And it didn't stop when I got home. My clothes currently inhabit the entire 3.3 metres of wardrobe in our bedroom, and my coats now reside in the wardrobe in the spare room. I am gradually taking over the world with all the clothes I own, and let's not talk about the shoes and handbags... I think it's fair to say Miss Kitty is the reason Australia isn't currently in a recession. I kept the country afloat with my purchasing prowess people.

In an effort to try and save some of my hard earned gains, I am going on a spending diet. That means for the next month (well from the 8th July until the 8th August) Miss Kitty is buying nothing. Well nothing from the clothing, shoes, handbags, jewellery categories of the shopping sphere. I am allowed to buy a book per week and have a manicure once a fortnight and that is it. Yes, I am serious.

I trialled this original, innovative and yet slightly scary idea over the past few days and when I didn't drop dead from the shock and the bank didn't call to check if I was still alive given my credit card wasn't getting it's usual bashing at Leona Edmiston, I figured it was safe to tell people I am going on the ban.

The hope is that I can spend a little more on things I really want when I go to the UK and Hong Kong in September. There is nothing to buy in South Africa other than biltong so I'll just ignore that destination). It's a better use of the money I think. I'm after some more enamel bangles and I want to get some jewellery made in HK. I would like another handbag and perhaps another black dress.

But for the moment, I am done with the shopping.

Wish me luck!


PS: Back to our regularly scheduled programming with the Miu Miu shoes tomorrow...


Marjorie said...

Goodluck! Although i will miss your shoe posts.

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Thanks Marjorie! I don't think you have to worry - I have plenty more shoes to blog about...

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!
We have just moved to a country town so am sort of on a shopping lull of a different kind.
There are no good shops out here, and no where to wear fancy things anyway.
But am finding the less I shop, the less I want.
Its nice to focus on the beautiful things you ALREADY have.. looking forward to seeing more from your fabulous wardrobe