Monday, July 26, 2010

Christina Hendricks: A female role model

Continuing the theme at hand on beauty... Not that I plan to make a habit of this but the opportunity was too good to pass up.

The Sydney Morning Herald today had an article on female beauty and the divine Christina Hendricks. She's been held up as a fabulous role model for girls by British Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone.

The thing that I find most interesting about this is that she doesn't particularly think she's fat or thin. She's happy with who she is and refuses to conform with anyone else's ideals of beauty. She won't lose weight for a role, she wears what she wants to wear. She embraces her curves. She's simply Christina.

In May, Hendricks was voted the sexiest woman alive by female readers of Esquire magazine. Justifiably so - aside from her divine hourglass figure she has gorgeous porcelain skin, lovely eyes and a beautiful smile. She is also incredibly intelligent. She's the thinking man's crumpet. And more than that, her beauty is attainable because it doesn't come from airbrushing and ridiculous dieting. It's her, not editing software. Women love her because she's a girlie girl. She loves fashion, music and art.

Ms Featherstone cited Hendricks as a positive influence on women as she criticised the “overexposure” of skinny models, which she said was causing a crisis in “body confidence” among young women in the UK, an issue that is not limited to Britain I would surmise.

The article continues: The use of such models, as well as the routine use of airbrushing, meant that girls and women came under “dreadful pressure … to conform to completely unachievable body stereotypes”, she said.

I for one, think Christina Hendricks is Fabulous. Not only because she is physically stunning but because she is honest about who she is. She doesn't pretend to be a skinny minnie. She dresses appropriately for her age and body shape. She makes the most of her god-given assets. She has thought out views on feminism. She is articulate, gentle, graceful, charming, intelligent and witty. She is more than just beautiful - she's a wonderful woman.

I honestly think we need more role models like her.


PS: If you are interested in reading more about Christina, I pilfered this wonderful article from the lovely cclarebear

Pictures courtesy of the New York Post's Page Six magazine.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love her and think she must be one of the most gorgeous women on earth. Stunning!!

Anonymous said...

i love love LOVE her. :)

CameronPoe2409 said...

I've read some interviews with her and she is witty and articulate. She is stunning and seems really down to earth too. Finally we have a great role model!