Friday, July 16, 2010

A glittery way to finish the week...

And the series of Miu Miu shoe posts!

These are my favourite of all my Miu Miu shoes. I first saw them in Hong Kong three years ago. We had a 12 hour stop over between our flight from Sydney to Hong Kong and the flight onwards to Johannesburg. We were moseying through Lane Crawford at IFC Mall and I spotted them glittering in a display case in the middle of the store from about 50 meters away. I didn't even know that they were Miu Mius. They were so amazing. They were classic. They were chic. They were timeless. I wanted them. Desperately.

Unfortunately they didn't have my size - only a 39 - but they said I should try Lane Crawford at Pacific Place. So Mr Kitty, being the amazing sport he is, took me to Pacific Place to check them out. Unfortunately no luck there either. With time running out, I put them on the backburner and we boarded our flight to South Africa.

Fast forward 2 and a half weeks and we were back in Hong Kong on the way home. "This time," I told myself "I am going to find those shoes."

I trawl around the entire Island looking for the shoes. Unfortunately I finally get to Miu Miu at The Landmark and they politely tell me that the likelihood of finding them in Hong Kong is non-existent. They don't import shoes any larger than a 39 so my size 41 hooves weren't ever going to get any joy.

Look at the shape of that heel!

Le sigh.

I scoured eBay. I begged at the Prada store in Martin Place. I called Miu Miu in New York and London, all to no avail. After months of searching, I eventually gave up.

And then one day Serendipity came to town.

I was in the Strand Arcade on my lunch break one day and walked past the Corner Store. There, in the window, were my shoes.

Look at the jewel detail on the toe!

And another one!

I was excited but also a little worried. I had seen them before - in ridiculously small sizes and I had been disappointed. I'm not sure I wanted to let my heart get broken again.

But the lure of the shoes was too much. I walked in, and tentatively asked if they had them in my size.

"Unfortunately not," said the sales assistant. " Heart snapping. Devastated.

I thanked her and I turned to leave the store. "Wait," she said. "We might have a pair at our Paddington Store. Would you like me to check?"

Would I ever.

Turns out they did. Turns out they fit. Turns out - despite the eye watering price - they were destined to be mine. Serendipity indeed.



Anonymous said...

i love a shoe with a story.

those are stuhhhhnnning.

MaiTai said...

They are beyond stunning, Miss Kitty-Cat, I don't think I have ever seen shoes as amazing as them. Loved the story behind, they were truly meant to be yours.

Not Quite Nigella said...

It was meant to be Kitty cat! It was so meant to be! Like a modern version of Cinderella :D

Faux Fuchsia said...

I love these shoes! They are the BUSINESS

Nayanika said...

I adore these shoes, Miss Kitty-Cat. What are they called? I want them...

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Thank you everybody! They are absolutely the shizz. No denying it. They are called Miu Miu Platino Lame Crystal Nayanika.