Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tiffany Yellow Diamonds launch, Sydney

Every girl loves diamonds. It's pretty much a universal truth. And Tiffany & Co diamonds are some of the most luscious and luxurious of all - many a lunchtime I have taken myself off to the spectacular Sydney showroom to wander through the display cabinets, the sparkle soothing my soul. Call me a magpie, but I have always adored sparkly things.

So imagine my delight when this lovely invitation arrived in my mailbox.

I adore all diamonds, and that includes the rare coloured ones. So on one of the coldest nights in Sydney for 60 years, Mr Kitty and I took ourselves off to the launch of Tiffany's Yellow Diamond Collection, an event certainly worth celebrating. There was French champagne, gorgeous canapes and lots and lots of beautiful yellow diamonds.

Tiffany is synonymous with yellow diamonds. The famous Tiffany diamond (currently housed at their Fifth Avenue store in New York) is a spectacular yellow diamond of 128.5 carats, purchased in it's rough form of 287 carats by Charles Tiffany in 1878.

Tiffany's modern yellow diamond collection also has an Australian link which makes it especially fabulous - all the yellow diamonds are from the Ellendale Mine in Western Australia. Ellendale is renowned for its production of fancy and vivid yellow diamonds that are produced as a result of high levels of nitrogen at the time of the diamonds formation and are greatly sought after for their rarity. Approximately 50% of the global supply of fancy and vivid yellow diamonds are mined from the Ellendale mine and Tiffany now has the rights to all yellow diamonds produced at Ellendale for the life of the mine.

Tiffany have designed a range of different pieces around the beautiful yellow diamonds, from simple bezel (or as Tiffany would have it - bezet) set rings and pendants, through to spectacular and elaborate yellow and white diamond set rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Tiny shards of sunlight sparkling everywhere.

Tiffany Yellow Diamond bracelets (Price on Application)

Double Border Ring and Pendant (Priced from $6,000)

Tiffany Bezet rings stacked (Priced from $3,900)

Closeup of Bezet ring

Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard (Priced from $2,800)

As well as the items from the collection that Tiffany has for sale, they also have a travelling collection of couture pieces on display, including this amazing necklace worn by Kate Winslet at the 2009 Oscars.

And on the divine Miss Kate...

Tiffany & Co. custom designed the $3 million Art Deco-inspired necklace in platinum, based on jewels from the Tiffany archives. The necklace features a triple-drop pendant of a 13.09-carat and two approximately 6-carat fancy vivid yellow diamonds surrounded by 642 white diamonds. The drop earrings feature 10 total carats of yellow diamonds. Both the necklace and the earrings are on display in the Sydney showroom for the next week.

In addition to the Kate Winslet pieces, the showroom also has a divine yellow diamond ring on display, a fancy intense yellow of 8.65 carats set in yellow gold, platinum and white diamonds, pictured above (top). Spectacular is really not the word. Unfortunately as I sat there, gazing at the wonderous item on my finger, I realised it was almost worth as much as our house which was a slightly sobering thought. With a sigh of resignation (and a sigh of relief from Mr Kitty) I handed the bauble back and we shuffled out into the cold evening with our goodie bags.

The goodie bags contained July's Vogue and a gorgeous set of Tiffany notecards. Wish I had forced Mr Kitty to take his goodie bag!

The Tiffany & Co yellow diamond travelling collection will be on display for the next week at the Sydney showroom. Tiffany & Co yellow diamonds are available nationally from $2,800.


Sydney Shop Girl said...


Sounds like it was a great evening.

Yellow diamonds are growing on me....

SSG xxx

PS - Coco Rouge in Garbriel is doing well in the red lippy stakes.

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

They are divine in real life - even prettier in sunlight than at night. Glad that the Chanel is doing well - I wore NARS Velvet Matte in Cruella today - only needed a small touch up after lunch to keep it looking fresh. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I love the different styles of the bezet rings.

Anonymous said...

my god, they're amazing. and so shiny. yummmm.

Not Quite Nigella said...

Ooh I LUUURVED this post! thanks for taking us along on your Tiffany journey! And those two rings are spectacular. I don't think I could choose one over another (so hehe shall I get both? Now that would be a dream!) :P

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

It was a tough choice, Lorraine, but in the end I decided on the house. A much better long term investment for the kitties I think!

Clare, they are really pretty in real life. Worth a visit at lunchtime, if only to see Kate's necklace!

1710 - the design is really special. Simple but very effective.

Kiki Chaos said...

Oooh.... lucky you, kitty! I'm jealous :)

Those last rings are jaw droppingly stunning. Thanks for sharing.

Faux Fuchsia said...

those diamonds are killer. I have those notecards! Nothing makes me happier than decent swag at an event x

Unknown said...

I have those notecards from a tiffany event too! Even tried to buy them after the "goodie bag" ones ran out, but alas they don't sell them in their collins st store.


Anonymous said...
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Guria Qazi said...
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