Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Red red red!

This Winter I am loving red. Red lipstick, red handbags, red clothes - I love how the colour pops against the drab grey of the Winter skies. It makes me feel warmer and happier and complements my love of leopard print very nicely indeed.

The easiest way to inject a little bit of red into your wardrobe is through a nice bright red lipstick. I have searched long and hard for ones that suit my vaguely weird, pale but slightly pink complexion and these are some of the best on me:

NARS Red Lizard: This semi-matte lipstick is a deep red that on me looks nice and bright. NARS makes great lipsticks, but the semi-mattes can be a bit dry. I think a matte look is great for winter though as the colour is far more solid and bright. Other NARS red options to look at include Shanghai Express, Jungle Red and Fire down Below (Available at Mecca Cosmetica, RRP $58).MAC Viva Glam 1: I love this red - it's sometimes a little brown for some people but on me, it's a true blue red and perfect with my complexion. Again, another matte finish but not quite as dry as the NARS. It's my go-to red. Other MAC options for crimson-hued aficionados include Russian Red, Ruby Woo, MAC Red and Dubbonet (Available from MAC, RRP $35).

NARS Velvet Matte Lip pencils: I'm a late convert to the lip pencil as a lipstick fad, but the texture of these pencils is so fabulous and the colour so deep and intense, I defy anyone not to love them! My favourite red is Cruella but Dragon Girl is another intense scarlet (Available at Mecca Cosmetica, RRP $50).

Do you have a favourite red? Doesn't have to be a lipstick!


Note: Miss Kitty uses so much lipstick, she usually purchases them overseas as make up is exceedingly expensive in Australia...


She Wore It Well said...

I'm a Russian Red girl. Love it in winter. I have a light olive complexion.

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Russian Red is Awesome! I find it a bit orange on me but I have a coat that is a similar colour which looks fabulous when I wear them together!

*misskitty* said...

Miss Kitty-Cat - I envy you being able to pull off red lipstick so wonderfully! I love the idea of red lips however I'm always too self conscious to walk out of the house with it on. Dior Addict Red Stockings (a sparkly red sheer-ish gloss) is probably the closest that I get to red lipstick. However on the same colour note I just bought some red Melissa maryjane shoes http://www.frockaholics.com/Shop/file/Product/cat/2/selected_cat/2/pid/2632/Ashia-Red-Gloss-Mary-Jane-Heels.htm Eeeee!

Sydney Shop Girl said...

I love the Russian Red lip gloss.

Have just opened my new Rouge Coco in Gabrielle. It is a warm red and not too intense.

The maybelline has died upon me - got all caky after a few weeks.

SSG xxx

Anonymous said...

ooooo great recommendations. have you tried MAC's new york apple? it's my favourite red, because it's almost kind of burgundy, but still really shiny. i put it on like a stain, and it stays on all day.

Not Quite Nigella said...

I love darkish reds rather than lighter ones. I don't tend to wear red lipstick much but I adore red nail polish. The Armani #1 is gorgeous! :D