Friday, August 19, 2011

White Wings Home Style Creamies

I have a confession - I am not really a huge fan of bought biscuits. To be honest, I don't know who is more shocked by this announcement - you or me. There are some exceptions of course, there is always time for a mint slice in my life - but in general I prefer those that are home made. I always have a stash of chocolate chip cookies and cinnadoodles in my freezer, just in case I feel like one or have visitors stopping by.


I think I may have found a bought supermarket biscuit that is really worth eating. I was at the supermarket last week and they had one of those end of aisle displays with the new White Wings Home Style Creamies on show.

"Ha!!" I thought to myself. "They won't ever taste as good as real home baked biscuits."

Being hungry, though - which is always a bad state to shop in but almost inevitable while pregnant - I thought I'd throw a pack in the trolley, just to prove myself right. I love being right.

I have to say - I was actually wrong. They are the shizz. I bought the raspberry jam and cream version and they are sensational. The shortbread is crumbly and buttery but not too sweet. The balance of the filling is great - the tart jam and the soft sweet cream are perfect. The creamy bit reminds me of the old melting moments that Arnotts used to make in my childhood - not the same as the ones they make now I have to say.

These now make a regular appearance in our shopping trolley, strictly rationed though because they are so good. We also tried the passionfruit creamies - not as good I will admit. Stick to the traditional jam and cream for the best results. You'll thank me later for the tip.

Do you have a favourite bought biscuit?

Kitty x


TheStylishShoeGirl said...

Very interesting indeed! I keep thinking how good they look on the tv ad...
As for a favourite - I dont even know the name but they are a choc biscuit with honeycomb and I think they might even be Coles brand.

Sydney Shop Girl said...


I will try not to look at these the next time I'm at the supermarket. I can see myself counting these as a sensible snack. I already have freddo frogs and cadbury mini bars at work for this purpose.

I love ginger nuts to be honest. And scotch fingers. And mini oreos...

You get the picture.

The Mummy said...

I like bought biscuits - they are a completely different thing, of course, but I think that they have their place.

Hob Nobs are a clear winner for me, but I also like Chocolate Ripples and a few others out there. Ginger Anna biscuits are delish!