Thursday, August 25, 2011

A diversion.

Sometimes I really like taking time out from looking at baby things.

Shocking - I know. But a girl who loves clothes and shoes will always be a girl who love clothes and shoes. Even if she really can't wear them for the time being. Temporarily. There is only so much looking at cute little baby outfits that a girl can take before she craves the luxurious fabrics of grown up clobber again.

Case in point: this beautiful Daniella dress by Erdem. The decadent and fabulous fabric was like a siren song to me - after a few months of wearing nothing but black maternity clothes, the gypsy like colours screamed out (in a very ladylike manner, of course).

"Hello Miss Kitty! Don't you just LOVE me?"

The scooped back, although not something I would wear, is a stark, sexy contrast to the high cut front. The velvet would skim the body, flowing and undulating gently across the body and puddle beautifully around the feet, clad in these gorgeous Miu Miu sandals.
Although, if it were mine, I'd probably go all out and wear these Miu Mius instead.

I never said I was subtle, now did I? The glittery panels on the shoes would flash under the hemline. Too gorgeous.

And although I don't really do yellow gold jewellery, I'd probably opt for something like these earrings to complement the rich Autumn colour palate of the dress. Silver would just get lost.

It's a dress someone like Anne Hathaway would look spectacular in.

It's good to know I haven't lost my love for the "humble" dress. Even in my heavily pregnant state.



Anonymous said...

Major love for that Daniella dress! It's so elegant and chic but individual too!

Faux Fuchsia said...

It's a fallacy that pregnant women stop loving clothes! meanwhile I am so over having to action this 10.30pm feed marlarkey. Gee I'm grateful that little baby is a champion sleeper though...I hope your baby will be too! x