Saturday, August 20, 2011


I love cute things for the baby. I know - you are all shocked beyond belief.

I have to restrain myself when in shops from buying too many cute impractical things for the little one, for example, at the moment she has enough clothes for about 10 changes on Christmas day, but she has no singlets. Or socks. Or night gowns.

Should really rectify that...

Anyway, this was a little something I just couldn't resist. I have bought cute things from Alimrose before for friends and their babies and love the sweet style. In my defense, it was on sale (just $9 from Parenthood in East Malvern) but I think I would have bought it at full price it's that cute.

It's Little Miss Kitty's first Kitty.


I also have my eye on some cute Alimrose scalloped bibs like this one:

Alimrose is available at most quality baby boutiques and many of the best online stores, including Bay's Got Style and Petit Luxe. It's also available at David Jones.



The Mummy said...

Alimrose does such beautiful things - I used to buy EVERYTHING they made for little girls in the way of scalloped bibs, rattles, and squeakers. Now Tabitha is a little too old for those things, so I will wait for the next baby.

The scalloped bibs are just the perfect size for dribbly babies - not too big, just neat and pretty over a dress.

But you ought to get some singlets too ;)

Running in Lulu said...

That Kitty rattle is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Loving your blog, my best friend is 32 weeks pregnant and I've gotten some fabulous ideas for little gifts from your blog, love your style!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

The Mummy - I love Alimrose stuff. It's so well made and really good for presents. I have ordered a few of the scalloped bibs - although I promised myself I would hold off for a while I just couldn't help it.

Lulu - welcome! I'm so glad you find my posts helpful and useful! The Kitty rattle is DIVINE in real life. Well worth the investment. And from what I have heard from my friends, babies love them.