Thursday, August 18, 2011

Twiggy Winkle

While we were in Melbourne, Mum and I visited the amazing Twiggy Winkle Baby Boutique in Toorak. Filled with the most amazing clothes, decorations, blankets and furniture it's the go to place for buying quality cute baby stuff in Melbourne.

I have to say we went a bit crazy - buying far too many cute things, but when you consider how many lovely things there were, I was actually impressed with the restraint we showed. We bought a beautiful Branberry Blanket (mint, pink and white stripe for those who are playing at home) which Mum is bringing up from Melbourne with her next month, a divine wall decoration and the cutest hat and knicker combo you have ever seen.

The blanket is one of the loveliest ones I have seen for babies. It's so soft and beautiful but still hardy enough to withstand the rigours of life with a little one. I can't wait to start using it!

The wall decoration was a very special present from my Mother to her granddaughter. It's a paper dress cut from a vintage style map of Paris. Paris is a very special place for Mr K and I, being one of the destinations we visited on our honeymoon. We love going back and we hope to take little Miss Kitty next year on her fist visit there. Having a small piece of Paris in the baby's room is such a lovely thing for us all to share with her. The paper dress also takes me back to my childhood, reminding me of the little cardboard dolls and their cutout dresses I used to play with when I was yournger. I even had a Princess Diana paper doll set - very special. At the moment the dress is on a hanger but we are toying with the idea of having it framed professionally down the track. We want to preserve this wonderful piece of art for her in the future too!

The other purchase was something neither of us could resist - I love vintage style floral fabric and when I saw this little hat I knew I had to have it. It's ridiculously cute and I can't possibly disclose the price. It was insane for a small piece of material, but honestly - at what cost style? And skin protection? The matching knickers will be very cute under pink and white dresses or by the pool over summer. So cute it makes my heart leap. I can't wait till I can put her in them.

How cute are the ruffles??

Twiggy Winkle is a definite on any Mum-to-Be's Melbourne list. There are also fabulous cafes on the same strip of Beatty Avenue in Toorak. How times have changed since I was at school around the corner at Mandeville Hall...

Twiggy Winkle
21A Beatty Avenue, Toorak
(03) 9804 3344


Elise said...

Oh its all so gorgeous!!!

Semi Expat said...

Adorable little ruffles and what a great idea to frame the Paris map dress too. Gorgeous things...x

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Elise - there were so many amazing things there. Although I wish they had a shop in Sydney I am also secretly glad they don't. Mr K would be a much poorer man, that's for sure.

SE - the ruffles are so cute. That's what sold me.