Sunday, August 21, 2011

I die: baby shoesies.

How ridiculously cute are these shoes?

They are from Alex & Ant. I have posted about how cute their baby clothes are before (and I still haven't bought this romper - need to get my skates on!), but these shoesies take the cake. The only problem is I don't know which size shoes to purchase! When will we get the most wear out of it? Mummies - your advice is required!

I also love the lace collar romper on the site but given the only sizes available are 0-3 months and 9-12, I wonder if we'll get the wear out of it.... The rabbit tee-shirt is also cute...

Argh! Must stop looking!



Aneets said...

Can I just say DO NOT get the 0-3 month sized romper. At that stage they are so little you just want them in wondersuits and it is not worth getting anything too nice for them to wear. Plus they tend to poo and vomit (well at least my babies do) a lot too. Get the bigger size & she'll get much more wear out of it!

I personally hate putting shoes on my babies until they start moving around. I found the shoes just kept on falling off their feet & annoyed me more than anything.

The Mummy said...

I agree on the shoe front - to put the shoes on tight enough so that curious babies cannot pull them off and throw overboard, I found that the straps had to be too tight for comfort. We had one pair of 'pram shoes' for special frock occasions, but overall I delayed shoes until she was standing and cruising around (around 8 months or so for most babies).

I'm sure you know that soft-soled shoes are recommended until they are walking very steadily. We're just about to buy a few pairs of firmer-soled shoes for Summer, very exciting to be in 'big girl sandals'.

I have found Bobux, the New Zealand brand, to have such excellent quality shoes. Their i-Walk range is very soft and comfy.

There are SO many gorgeous shoes out there!

Anonymous said...

Aww they remind me of lady bird shoes. So cute! :D

Anonymous said...

Babies feet are my favourite, they're so chubby and flat at the bottom! HOW ARE THEY SO FLAT??

So naturally baby shoes are also my favourite... Nawww those shoes are adorable!

Blighty said...

Too cute those shoes!