Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project Nada.

I'm still not through with my purchase posts, but the unpacking of said purchases this past week has lead me to a sad realisation. I have stuff. A lot of stuff. Nice stuff, but plenty of it. And my current lifestyle choice doesn't leave much in the way of opportunities for glam dressing.

So I have decided to embark on a period of thrift. Nothing new until Christmas. No handbags, clothes, jewellery or shoes.

I can replace something that breaks or can't be repaired (my loafers took a hit in London and may not be salvageable so I have done a deal with... well, myself that I can replace them if the shoemaker can't mend them properly). But other than that, I have to shop my already extensive wardrobe. Make do. I can buy gifts for others but nothing for myself.

A big call for a self confessed shopaholic.

And the reward for such a feat? Well, other than saving lots and lots of money, I have promised myself a couple of Monica Vinader rings for my efforts. I am thinking an amethyst nugget, a white topaz siren and a pave ring. I'd like a green onyx ring but they don't seem to make them in silver.

So far I am one week in. Ten weeks to go. This is taking Frugal October to a whole new level. Project Nada is officially underway.

Wish me luck.

Kitty x

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ThePassionateShopper said...

I'm also doing this, for the same reasons as you. I committed to October initially - my reward at the end is to replace my j brand jeans