Friday, October 26, 2012

London purchases: Duo shoes

I'm a long time devotee of Duo Boots. I have three pairs and absolutely adore them all. I also purchased a pair of fabulous patent mary janes last time I was in the UK which I have worn to death.

Given we are leading into Summer, I wasn't really in the market for a pair of boots, but shoes - shoes I will always love. I haven't really worn heels much since I got Pregnant with Georgie and unfortunately many of my old favourites no longer fit (courtesy of spreading pregnancy feet) so I really needed to find a nice comfy pair of heels.

Enter Duo. Not only do they make sturdy, beautifully crafted boots, they also make shoes. In different widths. And they had exactly what I was after - the Astaire in Black Sparkle Suede. Not only is it comfy, it's pretty sharp looking too, but  also classic enough for everyday wear. A great all-round shoe. Plus - free shipping. Yes, you heard correctly, FREE SHIPPING. If you ever needed a reason to buy a pair of shoes, that would be it! And I honestly can't recommend the shoes and boots highly enough.

You can thank me later.



Sarah said...

They are lovely and I can't believe FREE shipping.. amazing. Duo are always so comfy.. Thanks for dropping by the new blog too! Hope all well...X

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Duo!!! A brand I've had my eye on for ages.

Great to know you're loving them.

SSG xxx

TheGoodLifeOfUs said...

Thank you for this post on Duo. I have just been to their website. Personalised measuring and fitting! This is great news to me. I buy boots in Australia then have to pay more to have them taken in. Im so excited as I will be in Covent Garden in December. Guess where I will be heading? Any other must shop ats in London will be appreciated.

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

The Good Life of Us - you want to know the best thing? They will measure you, fit you THEN SEND YOUR BOOTS HOME FOR YOU SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO CARRY THEM AROUND!! Such a good retailer!

In terms of other Do Not Miss shops, I love The White Company (a decent sized store is just around the corner from Duo in Covent Garden), Selfridges (for EVERYTHING), Libertys (for EVERYTHING ELSE), Hobbs, LK Bennett, Monica Vinader for Jewellery, Marks and Spencer for cheap durable knitwear. Harvey Nichols just because. You have to eat at Pret while you are there. The salt beef sandwiches at The Brass Rail at Selfridges are good (and convenient if you happen to be there) but the ones at De Gustibus at Borough Market or on Brick Lane are better. You have to take a visit to Artisan du Chocolate for their salted caramels and we had a fabulous Dinner at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. They open reservations three months in advance so get booking!

If you have time, a trip to Bicester Village always yields good shopping results. And I never seem to walk away from the shops on Westbourne Grove empty-handed.

K xx

TheGoodLifeOfUs said...

Thanks so much. Lots to keep me busy.

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