Monday, October 29, 2012

My new favourite Red.

I love a great red lipstick and I am always on the hunt for the perfect red. It seems to be a never ending quest for me.

While I was in London, I stopped at the NARS counter at HoF (House of Fraser) to pick up a dupe of my new favourite velvet gloss lip pencil, Club Mix (it's awesome-pants. Seriously. Get on it.).

I know Afghan Red had been around for ages but for some reason it's just never really appealed. In the tube it looks a little too brown to me, and brown is something I just can't do. But on closer inspection, it's more a garnet than brown. A deeper red. The sales assistant talked me into trying it and I'm glad I gave in.

On my skin tone, its perfect. It's a lighter red, sheerer for summer than the old stalwarts of MAC's Viva Glam I and my NARS Velvet pencils. Its deep raspberry tone and satin texture means that it goes well with a multitude of looks.

Saying that it is lighter probably is a bit misleading. It's not sheer by any stretch of the imagination but it's not as dry as many of the other highly pigmented lipsticks I wear. It's definitely not an "in your face" red, but in this case that's a good thing. I have plenty of those. This has versatility. It's more neutral on me. It's available from Mecca for $39. Yes, I know, extortionate considering the US price, but honestly, good lipstick is worth paying for. And this is good lipstick.

I'm looking forward to wearing you all summer!

Kitty x

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