Friday, October 12, 2012

Pont Neuf: a love story

A long time ago (in what feels like a Galaxy far far away, certainly pre Baby G), Mr and Mrs Kitty travelled to Paris. We did all the usual things: The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, Saint Germain... They also did all the usual stores: Christian Louboutin, Hermes, Galleries Lafayette, Printemps, Le Bon Marche...

And Louis Vuitton.

In this time, a long time ago, Mrs Kitty fell in love with a handbag. A particularly Parisian handbag, named for the oldest bridge in the city. The Pont Neuf.

She ummed and ahhed over it but regretfully did not leave Paris with it.

This trip, she wasn't going to make the same mistake.

Mr Kitty had promised her a handbag on the trip and whilst she toyed briefly with the concept of buying a Chloe Marcie bag, and then a Miu Miu Mattelasse, she kept coming back to Louis.

So in Paris, on that most Parisian of shopping streets, she ventured into the store to see if the old flame was still there. It was. Although she flirted with the Alma and the Mirabeau, she kept coming back to the Pont Neuf.

Not at all practical with a baby (shoulder bags tend to leave your hands free), but oh so beautiful. She had wanted it for so long and time had not dulled her desire.

So she left the store with the bag, and many many thanks to Mr Kitty.

She hopes they will both be very happy together. For a very long time.

Kitty xx


Sydney Shop Girl said...

Oh, I love that bag!

SSG xxx

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Me too, honey. But I fear it had just given me the taste of serious designer bags. Poor Mr K...

K xxx

Anonymous said...

So very appropriate! It was obviously the 'meant to be' choice and you should always pay your respects when the shopping gods throw a little love your way.
Gorgeous bag - I'm sure you'll adore it for years (and when adult children no longer necessitate shoulder straps!).

Z said...

Just lovely. You certainly deserve it!

The Mummy said...

SUCH a beautiful bag! My mother has a black Pont Neuf and it always looks gorgeous - though it's an easy one to over-fill and ruin your back, so do be careful!

Sammie said...

Oh I am sure you will be very happy together!
Congratulations on the new addition!