Saturday, October 13, 2012

London Purchases: Mary Portas

I bought quite a few items while overseas. Shocking, I know. But what's probably more shocking is the fact I bought about half as much as I normally would. One of the disadvantages (or benefits Mr K might say) of travelling with Le Bebe. Not only do you have less luggage space but also less time for shopping.

I did, however, take full advantage of the fact we had a nanny for a few days while in London. She was such a godsend - we could actually get out and do things - and it also allowed us to start to get Baby G used to new people in her life, other than family. She coped remarkably well (as she did the entire trip).

But I digress.

One of the things I was looking forward to most of all on our London trip was visiting House of Fraser. I have been ogling the Mary Portas collection for a good 12 months now but haven't worked up the courage to buy anything. Sizing, quality etc. Not sure, blah blah...

But on this trip I had the opportunity to check out the range for myself and I have to say I was really impressed. The quality is, I think, quite good for the price, and although many of the clothes don't suit my current predicament (I mean, lifestyle), I could see myself wearing a lot of the pieces in another life. The look well made, the fabrics are lovely and the style in many cases is edgy while still retaining somewhat of a classic flavour.

I know it's not going to surprise anyone here that I bought a black dress. It's a gorgeous jersey number with an interesting neck detail (which you can probably see better on the second picture). It's stylish but comfortable - I could see myself wearing it with ankle boots or heels, dressing it down with a cardi and up with a sparkly necklace. It's warm too - even though it's supposed to be Spring here, the weather speaks differently so I might just get some wear out of it sooner than anticipated. I am so looking forward to wearing it!

And the best thing? Even though it was new season, I still got 30% off. Love a good discount.


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Sydney Shop Girl said...

Excellent buy! I just loved the fashion in London. Something for everyone and the quality at each price point really impressed me.

SSG xxx