Friday, November 7, 2014

For the love of a handbag

A few years ago, Mr K, G and I found ourselves in London. For my sister's wedding (a very happy occasion).

I decided on this trip that I wanted to buy myself a nice handbag.  Treat yo'self. A everyday bag that was both stylish and practical but still beautiful. An investment bag (well an investment in my happiness and a dent in my credit card). However, in my search for the perfect bag, I made possibly THE DUMBEST TRADE EVER. I gave up business class seats to and from Europe for a nicer handbag (dumb for a number of reasons - not the most insignificant of which was the 18 month battle I had with coccyx pain which was started by a seat on the Air France flight home, but I digress).

I really really wanted a Chloe Marcie. Really wanted one. But when I got to London, I started to question my decision, so in Paris I bought a Louis Vuitton Pont Neuf GM instead - which is a fab bag, but - let's be honest - practically useless when juggling a toddler... And totally impractical on visits to the park and there is just nowhere to stuff the wipes pack...

So it sits in its dust cover, waiting for the appropriate time to use it... Which might be in about 10 years at this rate... Don't get me wrong - I love it and it's the bag I will leave to my daughter in my will but for this Mama's Stage of Life, it wasn't a great buy.

My love of the Marcie never went away. When we were in Hawaii last year, I saw a really hot turquoise one. Stunning. But my heart was set on black. And the black one wasn't on sale. For a good 12 months I regretted not buying that bag. It was a fantastic price and I would have loved it. It would have had a very happy home with me. We would have had a lot of fun together.

Fast forward and 12 months later we found ourselves in New York (ever the jetsetters, with a toddler and 17 pieces of luggage - it's not glam I tell you, traveling with a rambunctious toddler). I am standing in Bergdorfs, in front of the Chloe display and I just want one. Mr K sensibly talks me out of it, appealing to my inner bargain seeker through his inner tight arse - saying that by the time we factor in local tax, GST incoming into Australia and currency exchange, it would be cheaper to buy it online.

He was right.

Three weeks after we got home, I found my lovely on Reebonz at a truly bargain price and I have honestly never been happier with a bag purchase. It really was a great price (for a Chloe Marcie) and I have used it almost every day since. It's the medium size - not too big, not too small. Just right.

A bag worth waiting for.

PS: I'd still like one in turquoise. Just between you and me.

K xx

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