Friday, November 14, 2014

All about the stripes.

Once upon a time I gave up buying clothes.

The End.

Now, we all know that's clearly not true. It can't ever be the end. I gave up buying things for a while and then - slowly but surely - I have started purchasing again. It's not like I have loads of space (I don't have any, to be honest!). I don't really NEED much (do any of us?) but the thrill of finding something lovely and then wearing it for the first time cannot be denied.

I am trying to limit myself to things I either very much need (in the broader sense of the definitition) to round out my wardrobe, things that are very cheap, and "investment pieces" (things that are expensive but that I can justify because they are absolute workhorses of the wardrobe).

I have been wanting to add some nautical stripes to my wardrobe for some time now but I needed to find the right stripe for me. Everything either had stripes that were too thin or too much white... I wanted the stripes to be predominantly navy with a smaller white stripe. I liked the idea of a skirt - the pattern adverse part of me could deal with a smaller block of pattern. I toyed with the idea of the gorgeous Bohemian Traders skirt but when I found this one at Sussan, I was hooked.

Following fashion Icon Redcliffe Style, I paired it with this gorgeous linen shirt which was drastically on sale (thanks for the tip!) and a white Witchery cami so I can layer and use the shirt as a bit more of a jacket style if I want.

To dress it up, I would wear The Jewel Collective Tara necklace, featuring gorgeous Tahitian and baroque freshwater pearls, or the Aphrodite which has a very pretty white sapphire central element, set in sterling silver.

Throw on a pair of flats or espadrilles (I like these ones from The Iconic) and a Metallic handbag and you are set!

Now I am hooked on stripes. I am considering getting this tee shirt from Katies (because CUTE!). And maybe even digging out my old striped canvas bag from pre Georgie days!

What other stripey things could I add to my wardrobe?

Kitty x

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