Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Gifts: Five under $25 for foodies

Buying Christmas gifts can be stressful, there's no escaping it. And the less stress we can all be under at this time of year, the better! Over the next few weeks I will be shaing some gift guides that will help you with some ideas that even the hardest nut to crack will enjoy.

The first group is The Foodie. We all have friends who adore their grub and sometimes they can be among the hardest people to buy for, especially when you are on a budget or when you want to buy something small as a thank you. Flowers are always nice, and a box of Lindt balls or bottle of wine usually goes down a treat, but sometimes you just want something MORE. More thought. More effort. MORE.

The Baker: The personalised cookie stamp
This is an awesome idea for those who love making cookies and treats - you can choose your own wording and make personalised biscuits for loved ones, teachers, etc. It's a gift that keeps on giving. Shop at ShopUntil.

The Tea Drinker: A great tea cup
There is no denying that lovers of tea will also be lovers of great china. Everyone loves to drink their favourite brew out of a nice tea cup, and Robert Gordon makes some fabulous well priced options, especially when the budget doesn't stretch to Limoges or Wedgwood! My pick of the bunch are these two options - which you can purchase here and here - both are nicely under budget and very glamorous, perfect for a great Christmas gift. And there is enough cash left over to pop in a box of your favourite tea.

The Chocoholic: let it be said that there is chocolate, and there is Chocolate. The two options I present to you here are the latter - the best of the best. Give someone either of these options from Charbonnel et Walker or Artisan du Chocolat and you are on a sure fire winner. They come beautifully packaged and are absolutely delicious. And if the time frame doesn't allow for the overseas shipping, you can purchase a limited range of Charbonnel et Walker chocolates from David Jones.

The Cheese Fanatic: We all have a friend who loves cheese more than anything. This is the perfect gift for that person. No one makes cheese knives like Laguiole and presenting this gift with an accompanying wedge of soft French cheese will make you an instant gift giving star.

The Coffee Snob: Everyone seems to have passionate feelings about their coffee. If you know what kind of machine your friend has, that makes life a lot easier. Nespresso fiends are easy to buy for - you can just walk into the company stores and ask for a recommendation, but if your host is a true hard core coffee lover (like my husband) then whole beans from a boutique roaster are the way to go. Campos, in my opinion, makes some of the best coffee around and whilst a 500g bag of beans will just break the budget, at $27 it is the perfect gift for a coffee lover.

Do you have any tried and tested gifts for foodies? What are your go to options?



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