Friday, December 16, 2011

A moment to myself with a nice cup of tea.

Being a mum is hard work. Harder work that I ever thought, despite my many Mummy friends warning me about how challenging life is in those first precious weeks. Despite the many difficulties I have encountered breastfeeding (too numerous and tedious to discuss here, including but not limited to two bouts of mastitis, recurrent nipple thrush, ongoing pain, low supply, intense guilt and a windy baby which requires me to remove vast numbers of things from my diet), the one thing I try to do every day is have my afternoon cup of tea. Despite the challenges of the day, I find it soothes and relaxes me, recharging the batteries for the witching hour and the evening ahead.

My tipple of choice at the moment is T2's French Early Grey. Intently floral and perfumed, it is a medium-bodied black tea with pretty petals and slivers of fruit that play with classic bergamot in a refined infusion. With hints of peaches, apricots and zesty citrus, it is complemented by a field of sunflowers, rose, cornflower and hibiscus.

It's a light and uplifting way to break the afternoon. For me, it's a treat in a cup and a few precious moments to myself in an otherwise chaotic and busy life. Moments I savour and revel in and I love I can share them with such a delicious brew.



Sydney Shop Girl said...

My all time favourite T2!!

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Sammie said...

I always enjoy a good cup of tea. Morning, noon or night!
T2 is an excellent choice! I must stock up.
Good on you for continuing to BF through the mastitis. SO many people give up and go to formula.
I count myself very lucky that I am yet to encounter mastitis. I too did have dificulities, but so far now all seems good. It gets easier and better (I'm just a little in front of you) and today seeing my friends nearly 1 yo proved it yet again.

Anonymous said...

Spooky, Miss KC - I just finished a cup of the same! A friend sent a gift box of T2 samplers to me along with a gift for the bub. I usually stick with the traditional T2 Earl Grey but enjoyed the French - it's a bit lighter and "prettier".

The afternoon ritual of tea is lovely - long may it continue :)

Anonymous said...

I totally need a cuppa right now. My favourite at the moment is chai tea by I think Twinings!

Kiki Chaos said...

I know how you feel about a cup of tea being a perfect way to take time out. I don't find coffee gives me the same feeling. I love T2's Melbourne Breakfast Tea, thanks to your recommendation :)

Jess said...

I feel your new Mummy pain! Especially breastfeeding :(

I just keep living by the 'it gets easier' mantra and a good cuppa always helps.

Faux Fuchsia said...

you will turn the corner soon and find it so easy and straight forward- it happens over night!!!!!! Trust Me!

Look after yourself. xxxx