Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baby G's first Christmas tree

Baby G is most excited about Christmas. Well, okay, I am excited about Baby G's first Christmas. There's nothing like Christmas with children, if only because it allows me to exercise my Olympic class shopping skills.

When it comes to Christmas trees, I have to admit I am a traditionalist. For me, it's the real deal. The smell just makes Christmas for me. So fresh. However, real trees take less ornaments than fake ones - their branches are floopier which means you can't overload the tree. A definite disadvantage.

We support our local scout troop with the purchase of our tree and the visit to select the tree is a family affair now, taking Baby G to make the crucial purchase with us. You can see she was most excited about the prospect:

But by the time we made it to the scout hall, she had abandoned her responsibilities in favour of a nap. Oh well - luckily I am a pro at picking trees and wasn't relying on her expertise.

This year I have gone minimalist - partially because out tree is a little smaller than usual (I went for shape over height) and partially because the cats have a tendency to remove ornaments from the tree so I avoided putting anything breakable on it, and fewer ornaments on the lower branches (practice for next year and a crawling baby). I started with the silver ornaments and some of our favourites and when I was done, it just looked... Well, finished. Mr K said it needed a bit of colour so I added what red baubles we had and filled the gaps with red bows. And Voila. Done.

I admit I have an awful lot of Christmas decorations going spare this year - all packed back into their boxes. But the tree is somewhat reflective of our Christmas: low fuss, minimal, focused on the important stuff. And I honestly can't think of anything better.

We purchased these fun wooden ornaments from a wonderful store in Quebec City. I wish I would have bought more - maybe a trip back there is in order?

Faux Fuchsia luffs a fat bid and so do I. These beauties came from Country Road last year. A very good investment.

Mr K and I in felt - we need to get a Baby G to complete the set!

Do you prefer a real or fake tree at your house? What smell says Christmas to you?



Marnie said...

Are you finding the head rest is working for baby G? I have one for my little fella (who is three months old) as part of a physiotherapy program for torticollis (stiff neck) and what i am calling bung-head-itis. He hates it, and I am continually having to reposition his head in it.

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Marnie, the headrest came as part of the maxi cosi capsule and Baby G seems to like it a lot. She snuggles down into it and seems to feel cosier than in her bugaboo bassinet which she doesn't seem to like at all.

K xx