Sunday, December 4, 2011


Baby G is growing up so fast. While we were changing her nappy the other day we noticed she had grown out of her first onesies - she's just getting too long too fast! And what with the damp weather we have been having in Sydney recently, our options for drying things - even inside on a rack - seem to be limited. So she often gets close to running out of things to wear - a woman's worst nightmare.

This recent event, and the realisation that Bonds now sells directly online to customers, prompted a bit of a spending spree yesterday. It did, however, take me three goes to get everything into my shopping cart - a few interruptions like feeding hungry babies and making dinner got in the way - but eventually I made my purchases. However, given busy mums are likely to be the target demographic for the Bonds online store, I do wish they wouldn't purge your shopping cart after 20 minutes. I found myself coming back to it again and again to add things to my cart, only to discover it had all disappeared. I would think not many Mums would have the half an hour altogether required to sit and trawl through the site. But it's a small complaint for what was otherwise a fairly easy experience.

As a launch bonus, Bonds are currently offering free standard shipping on all purchases, plus 10% off each item you purchase if you like it on Facebook. Worth doing - between special offers and the "like" bonus, I saved $52 off a $220 order.

Some of my favourite things from the order:
These gorgeous cord overalls. Okay, so I know I am getting ahead of myself somewhat but a few people have told me that when she starts crawling she needs good overalls. So I bought these in the hope that they will be great quality and I can just buy more of them. The green ones are very cute too.

This cuter than cute onesie. I love the divine little birds.

This cool striped coverall. G looks fab in pink so this was a must have for me.

I also bought some practical wondersuits and nappy covers for summer. Hopefully it will start to get warmer soon so I can break them out! I can't wait til everything arrives!



Clare said...

If I believed in reincarnation, I would want to come back as baby G. Those outfits are so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Super cuuuuuuuute!

That 20 minute shopping cart thing is ridiculous. Most sites I know have at least 2 hours!!! Do they really think people are that desperate to buy their gear that they would sell out in 20 minutes?!

Maxabella said...

My bubbas lived in Bonds onesies for the first 9 months of their lives. So comfy. x

Faux Fuchsia said...

Very nice.

Do you own a tumble dryer? if not please invest- a veritable GODSEND.

Love to Baby G! xxxxxxxxxx

The Mummy said...

They are some really gorgeous picks! Tabby's little friend, Mila, had those cord overalls and lived in them, they were so cute.

Yes tumble drier also makes onesies so soft and cuddly!

You should tell them your thoughts re. 20 minute cart - you're spot on, it's just silly for their demographic.


Miss Kitty-Cat said...

FF - no drier here. We have never needed one and unfortunately have absolutely no space for one either. We were supposed to have moved to a place with a drier before the baby arrived but alas, we are still here. Come hell or high water we need to be in a place with a drier before next Autumn...

Mummy - glad you approve of the overalls. It could have gone either way frankly. Either they were going to be fab or really dreadful quality!

Maxabella - of all the things G wears, the easiest seem to be the onesies. So I bought more. Practical really!

riotersbloc - I agree. So annoying!

Clare - she has some kicking duds. That's for sure. x