Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gingerbread house.

Being a new mum means that lots of things have slipped for Christmas this year, the number one for me being the Christmas baking. I have made my favourite yoyos (still to be iced) but that will be it for baking I think. It's just too hard (read: impossible) to find a block of 3-4 hours that is required to bake cookies at this point. Mr K is still keen for me to bake a special type of Latvian gingerbread called Piparkukas (literal translation - pepper cookies), but we'll have to see on that one - I might trade a leave pass for a pedicure to make them...

In an attempt to still have some yummy Christmas treats for our holiday guests to indulge in, I have turned to a local producer of cookies for help. Cookie Constructions bake divine Gingerbread houses and cookies for the holiday season and cookies all year round. Roulla Yiacoumi, a freelance technology journalist who I have known for years, is the creative talent behind these divine creations. She has a background as an architectural model maker which for me is a must have when you are talking serious gingerbread houses!

Cookie Constructions
uses top quality ingredients and confectionery and all of their creations are hand made here in Sydney. They support local manufacturers, with more than 90 per cent of their raw ingredients and confectionery made in Australia. They also use confectionery made in the UK, US, Germany, Spain and Holland. They do not use toothpicks, skewers, or other inedible bits to hold thei creations together: they are edible right down to the cake board!

The Christmas gingerbread houses are available in two variations: classic and surf shack and in three different sizes, perfect for everyone. I have ordered a medium classic, being a bit of a traditionalist, but I thought the surf shack looked very cute. Don't fancy gingerbread? The houses also come in chocolate cinnamon cookie!

At other times of the year, Roulla makes other creations - keep an eye on the website for seasonal treats and specialties. And at any time of year you can get a hand made cookie pram filled with cookies, a perfect gift for a hospital bound new mum!

If you are based in Sydney you can still get your hands on a house for this Christmas - orders close Friday at 5pm! Next year I might find time to bake my own creation but for this year, when time is at a premium, I am thrilled to have found a fabulous producer of quality gingerbread houses, and I can't wait to demolish ours!



Clare said...

You know for a minute there I thought you'd made the gingerbread house and I was very, very impressed.

Still impressed that they're made by a pro though ;) Love the surf shack!

Anonymous said...

Oh Em Gee I need this in my life. Unfortunately can't afford it. BUT OMG. I love gingerbread and have always dreamed of making a gingerbread house but just don't have the patience or skills.

Kiki Chaos said...

I LOVE the surf shack! It's so hard to relate to Northern hemisphere christmas decorations sometimes, although we're getting closer to their weather this year :(