Saturday, February 12, 2011

Leona Edmiston AW2011 Collection

Now it's no secret I love Leona Edmiston. The lady, the frocks, everything. Over the years I have amassed a large collection of her dresses - all are stylish, most are timeless and some are my favourite dresses of all time. A big call given the number of dresses I own.

Her new collection is no exception - filled with gorgeous dresses and gowns, each more beautiful than the last. The first few drops of the season are already in story and I can confidently say that this collection will not disappoint. All the dresses so far are gorgeous.

Here are a few of my picks of the season:

Brandy: I love the gorgeous floral print - it reminds me of a Renoir painting. The style is very chic and I see this as a frock that will last well into the Spring with it's pretty rosy pattern. The shape is likely to be very flattering also - the bell sleeves are classic and the deep V neckline is subtle enough for the office but sexy enough for a dinner for two.

Sunny: I'm a sucker for a Maxi dress and this is an absolute winner. It's in store already and the combination of the scoop neckline and the floral hem rising up the dress makes for a stunning piece. It's selling fast so I'd get in soon if you are interested. There is a shorter version (with a boat neckline - Uma) but of the two I think this is the nicer dress.

Olivia: the same print as the Brandy, this dress is a perfect addition to the winter wardrobe. It's feminine, stylish and the cowl neckline is super flattering. It also comes in a pretty fuchsia colour.

Fern: another dress that is already in store, this 1940's throwback comes in the gorgeous moss colour you see here and a pretty dark red (rust). Both are stunning. The cinched waist, scooped neckline and full skirt make for a very flattering silhouette.

Vita: This dress isn't one that is going to suit me I don't think but I adore it's McQueen-esque print and the pretty flared skirt. It's a definite work of art. A showstopper. People will talk when you enter the party in this outfit and it will all be positive.

Tammy: A classic Leona design, the flared skirt and boat neckline will suit most people. The plain black is thrown into relief by the unusual but pretty lace insert. I can't wait to try this one on.

Jessica: Probably my favourite dress of this season. I adore it's homage to Mad Men. Very Joan Holloway-Harris. The colour is divine, the style very sexy secretary. Perfect with a strand of gumball sized pearls, a satin clutch, bright red lipstick and a martini. Chin chin darling.

Of course this isn't the full list of the dresses I love - just a smattering of the creme de la creme. For more of the collection visit Leona's website.


All images from the Leona Edmiston website.


Sydney Shop Girl said...

Oh, they're gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing your edit, Kitty.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

TheStylishShoeGirl said...

Loving the "Tammy"'s very "us" don't you think?!

Let me know when you've bought yours! Just aswell we live in different cities...

Cait said...

I wish you hadn't posted this- I am now in a state of torment over wanting almost all of these dresses! At least with my 30th coming up I have a very valid excuse for purchasing!

Natarsha said...

Does not help my spending ban!

The Distressed Mother said...

Love love love the Vita!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

My pleasure Shop Girl!

Shoe Girl - I agree - I love the look for the Tammy. I can't wait to see it in real life.

Cait - you never need an excute to purchase Leona, but that's definitely a good reason if ever I heard one!

Natarsha - it doesn't help mine either...

Distressed Mama - the Vita is just in store noe. I think it looks even nicer in real life. It's greener. Tres lush.

Elise said...

Im loving Fern and Jessica and also quite like brandy! Hmm if only i wasnt 25 weeks pregnant....

I missed this post until I saw you FB'd on the leona page!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Brandy is lovely on and it would work with an expanding tum, Elise. It's quite busy though - a little too busy for my monochromatic palate... Fern is gorgeous too but alas not suitable for those who are having babies. The Waist is quite snug.

I have high hopes for Jessica - it looks so pretty. I'm just hoping the material isn't too shiny...