Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Gigantic Fantabulous Miss Kitty-Cat Giveaway!

I thought it was about time I had a giveaway on Miss Kitty Cat goes to town! So many of my favourite bloggers do them regularly but in the year and a bit this blog has been going I haven't given away anything. Not a thing. Tragic. So I decided to rectify that and present to you the Gigantic Fantabulous Miss Kitty-Cat Giveaway!

There are six prizes (items?) and what you need to do is leave a comment below saying which item you'd like to win and a little about what you like about this blog. Pretty simple huh? Don't worry if you haven't posted before - I'd love to hear from you!

When thinking about what I'd like to give away, I gravitated towards sharing some of my favourite things. Things I love. In some cases, things I can't live without. So I present to you the following items:

Lindt Hot chocolate:

For me, Lindt is the creme de la creme of hot chocolate. Chocolate flakes you melt with hot milk, this makes a rich unctuous drink that is perfect for the cooler weather we are starting to experience. It makes the perfect hot chocolate with a hint of bitterness to temper the sweetness. This one is milk chocolate but you can also buy dark chocolate if you'd like to try it yourself!

T2 Melbourne Breakfast Tea Bags:

It's no secret I love a good cup of tea and of the Australian producers I think T2 makes the finest tea. Melbourne breakfast is a medium flavoured balck tea with a hint of vanilla. Perfect for first thing in the morning - or anytime during the day for that matter! I decided against loose tea because the silk bags make things just a little easier. No mess, no fuss.

Sue Sylvester notecards and Kiehls Cranberry lip balm:

Like many people on the interwebs, I am a huge Glee Fan. When I came across these cards they made me laugh so much and I thought i would share them with you, my readers! The set includes 6 notecards with quotes like:

"I realize my cultural ascendance only serves to illuminate your own banality. But, face it, I’m legend. It’s happened."

"I’m gonna make it a habit to not stop and talk to students because this has been a colossal waste of my time."

"So you like show tunes. It doesn’t mean you’re gay. It just means you’re awful."

"Your hair looks like a briar patch. I keep expecting racist, animated Disney characters to pop up and start singing about living on the bayou."

And to top this prize off, I am also including a tube of Kiehls lip balm - it's one of my HG beauty products. I can't live without it and often have two or three tubes on the go. It's a "limited edition" (which means it's not available in Australia but you can buy it anytime in the US). I'm sure Sue would approve.

A leopard scarf:

There's no way we could have the inaugural giveaway on Miss Kitty-Cat without a leopard item and what better than a gorgeous scarf leading into the colder weather? This fabulous piece will jazz up any winter wardrobe - and the real benefit is that's it's huge. Massive. Perfect for wrapping yourself up in on a cold day. And everyone needs a little more leopard in their life in my opinion!

Grown vanilla and orange peel hand cream:

This - for me - is the best hand cream on the market. Better than Jurlique, better than Crabtree and Evelyn, better even than L'Occitane (although Mr Kitty prefers L'Occitane because of it's neutral smell). Grown is organic and the fragrance is incredible. It's edible. It's moreish. It's a small tube (60ml) which is perfect for your handbag or for travelling.

Elk Wooden Bird Brooch:

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Elk Accessories and it's my great pleasure to present to you this final item: an Elk Bird Brooch. I wear mine all the time and if you are lucky enough to win it, I'm sure you will too. It's made from blackened wood and it would be perfect on a cardigan or coat. You'll become a devotee of Elk's crisp sharp design too.

So here's the deal. As mentioned above, leave a comment below stating which of the items you'd like to win and a little bit about what you like about the blog. The more creative the better :) You can enter once per day for as many items as you like (but only one entry per day full stop).

The giveaway closes next Sunday 20th February at 10pm! I'll post back here next Monday with the winners. Good luck!

Kitty xx

Edit: will definitely post overseas - so please enter overseas readers!


Sydney Shop Girl said...


Fab giveaway. Sue Sylvester gift cards. I love it!

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

The Mummy said...

Ohhhhhh my gosh!!!! Leopard scarf!!! Makes me breathe a little faster...

I love your blog mostly because you are a beautiful writer. I love reading clear and flowing writing - a nice break from the newspapers these days, sigh. My favourite posts of yours are the 'list' ones - wardrobe essentials, accessories, homeware cravings etc. These appeal to me because I like lists, and because you have exquisite taste so your lists are always Spot On.

Oh, and I am also partial to a nice bit of kitten photo action - moar please!

PS - the massive scarf would be perfect for wrapping me AND baby T up in ;)

Semi Expat said...

Dear Miss Kitts
What a fabulous gigantic Kitty giveaway... Now, how do I love your blog ....? Let me count the ways! The fact that you adore Mulberry, as I do, the fact that you are the eldest, as I am, you like puss cats, as I do, the fact that you get into shopping 'scrapes' and that you can't resist the temptation at times and that you like to justify ways of getting your 'prey'!! You are too funny and amusing and your blog cheers me no end!
I LOVE all your giveaway gifts especially the leopard piece but I do own a leopard scarf and I musn't be greedy. However, I LOVE (as you do) a good cup of tea so if I was a lucky winner I would like to try the T2 teabags please. XX

The Distressed Mother said...

Ha what timing - just discovered your blog through SSG. I'm gonna scroll down and catch up on your posts.

Dee said...

The leopard scarf is my pick!

Hmmm... one of the many things I love about your blog is obviously the shopping! You make some drool-worthy purchases!

- Dee

Margaret said...

Greetings Miss Kitty-CGTT -

Would love to try the Grown hand cream.

Why I like your blog? Your heartbreaking Christmas tale nailed it. So very well written. Feelings were expressed. And sad to say, too many blogs DO NOT EVER EXPRESS ANY FEELING. Just advertorials...

A little interaction between blogger and reader is good, too.

L said...

Leopard scarf is my pick too - everyone needs some kitty in there life and hence why I read your blog... oh and to drool over your fabulous shoes and I also love reading about your cooking/eating/travel adventures.

Keep it up Kitty xo

Anonymous said...

Wow Kitty, you don't do things by halves!

I love your blog for your style and your heartfelt posts.

I vote for the Grown hand cream. With TLG I wash my hands 20 - 30 times a day and they need some TLC!

Would you like me to tweet about your giveaway?

The Mummy said...

Oh yes good point! Can I link to your giveaway from my blog? Let me know if you'd like that :)

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Absolutely girls! Would love you to tweet and blog the giveaway!!

K xx

Elise said...

You are an expert on style, so love reading your posts. I also enjoy your writing style.

I like the lindt hot chocolate and the T2 silk bags - which i prefer the best I cannot decide.


Brasilian_Babe said...

What a great giveaway Miss Kitty! :)

I'm a sucker for chocolate beverages so the Lindt Hot chocolate would be my pick.

As for your blog, what draws me to it is the fact that I can relate to a lot of your blog posts, from day to day stuff to shopping bans and accessories. I like the lot!


*misskitty* said...

Oh Miss Kitty Cat what wonderful items you have chosen! I'm not actually commenting for any of the items though as I'm having a huge clearout at the moment (this misskitty has an overabundance of 'stuff'!!!) but just wanted to let you know how lovely and generous I think you are for doing such a fantastic giveaway! (:

Elle said...

Kitty, I like that your posts are honest and aren't out to please anyone - too many other blogs seem to say what people want to hear and come across as fake.

Well, that and your 456484642312 black dresses and endless shoe collection.

I've been eyeing off the Grown handcream in David Jones forever (okay, eyeing off and using it instore..). I'd love to win that :).

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Miss Kitty!
I just came upon your blog and am very glad that I have! You have a very stylish and intriguing blog, I look fowrad to exploring more!

I would love to win The Grown Handcream. Having used a couple of the products before I can confidently say what a fabulous brand it is, and being organic it fits in perfectly with my lifestyle. Plus my little hands could really do with some moisture, my dish washer has dedecided it's had enough and I've been washing by hand and my hands are definite proof of that!

Clare said...

I'd love to win the bird broach - oh my goodness, it's amazing and i would wear it all the time.

<3 your blog because you're so put together and write so beautifully :)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning again! I'm not too sure If I can enter for the same item twice, so forgive me if I'm wrong!

I'd love to be the happy owner of the Grown Handcream, I tried some on in a chemist and instantly fell in love, so I know this would be a much-loved item!

And may I ask what made you decide to start blogging? I'm loving reading it so far.

Dee said...

Oh and one other thing I love about your blog is mainly its all about everyday things.

This time my pick would be the grown handcream. :)

Maxabella said...

Oh yay and excitement! We share such similar tastes that I love all the stuff you've chosen. The birdy brooch is, of course, my favourite. x

[Annika Ooh] said...

Miss Kitty, your blog is delightful. It's well written, stylish and informative. I also love that I can live vicariously through your purchases and experiences.

I've always read along, I check my blog lists almost daily and always click on your new posts to read. (in true "what's miss kitty up to?" curious fashion)

Wow, what a fab giveaway.

I would love the lip balm as I'm always under the ceiling fans at home or in and out of heat and wind. Plus always kissing gorgeous Miss A.
Recently saw Wicked the musical and went for a bite to eat just before it, I ate off my lipgloss and didn't have a touch up gloss (or anything) with me. *gasp* So I then sat in the theatre in the aircon, licking my lips all night *another gasp*. When I got back to the hotel, I saw I had the brightest pink lips. They were screaming for soothing balm (which I had a lemon myrtle pot). Luckily. Twas funny because they were (my lips) actually a really nice colour and hubbie said my lips looked pretty. (They were rosy pink but very sore!)
So all this ramble.....??'s all about the lip balm. hehe

Lucy said...

I've just finished reading your blog from start to finish. It was a very good read! I enjoy hearing about your travels, and also your food reviews. I find your posts interesting and entertaining. I am also loving your house inspiration. I would love the lip balm as I am a lip balm fiend and love glee!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kits,
Louise here from Townsville - still in the damn hospital of doom.
I am not after a giveaway - well, maybe the hot choccie tempts me. The midnight wanders here (if you have to sleep in a back brace - midnight's about as far as you make it) are not enlivened by cheap teabags and instant coffee (God -who knew this was still round in the days of coffee machines).
How am I going for self absorption and snivelling pity endorsing competitive tactics?

Still having fun reading old posts of yours, and girl, when they've topped you up with Endone (morphine derivative) and Codine - your posts are just the bomb.
(aka the crawler)

Semi Expat said...

Hello Miss Kitts - I am entering again as you have said we can!! Love the tea but also love the brooch!! You are so generous in your fantabulous giveaway..xx

Anonymous said...

Why do we love the glamorous Miss Kitty?
She makes us lust over things that are pretty
Necklaces gleaming with pearls set in gold
A Leona frock - consider it sold!
Actually, maybe I'd better buy two
And new shoes to go with them - I'm thinking Miu Miu
A black cashmere coat from The White Company
Would keep me warm while I'm enjoying high tea
To top off a look that Miss Kitty would endorse
I'd love one more thing - the Elk brooch, of course!

Kat xx

Lucy M said...

Well I've missed the giveaway but I need to know all the same - WHERE is that divine scarf from anyway? More is more when it comes to leopard. x

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!

Lucy M - the scarf is actually from SES. I couldn't believe it! It's not bad for the price and it's huge!