Monday, April 18, 2011

Springtime Green.

I promise this isn't going to instantly become a blog just about babies. I still like other things, you know, but babies just seem so exciting at the moment!

As I previously mentioned, we'll be finding out what variety the baby is. Having said that, I tend to like light green as a colour no matter what sex the baby will be. It's fairly gender neutral and nice and Springtime-esque, perfect for our little Spring baby.

Here are a few of the green things I have seen that I like so far:

The Bloom Alma crib:
I love it's Granny Smith apple green colour and the fact it's nice and compact. It will be good for the corner of our bedroom as it's small and the lockable casters mean I can move it around the house, keeping the baby with me or Mr K as needed. Once we are done with it, it folds down nicely for storage. The only downside seems to be the weight - 23kg for the world's tiniest cot! This requires further investigation I think. Urban Baby is a good Australian stockist for this crib. More information is available on the Bloom website.

The Ektorp Armchair from Ikea:
So many of my friends have mentioned the need to invest in a comfortable chair for breastfeeding. This one looks both comfy and practical, with the cover being removable and washable/dry cleanable in the case of any baby related incidents. It's also reasonably well priced at $499 with additional covers available for purchase. More information available at Ikea. And bonus - you can buy a matching footstool!

The Bugaboo Cameleon in limited edition green:

Buying a pram that has a bit of character that isn't the same as anyone else's pram is difficult, particularly when you decide to buy one of the most popular prams on the market. But as luck would have it, Bugaboo have recently released two new colours: light green and deep purple. Both are fabulous but with my green fixation I am obviously gravitating towards the green. The limited edition Cameleons are available in Australia at Minimee.

Fun decals for the nursery:

There are so many great decals availble on my favourite online store Etsy. This is just one - from the aptly named Kinky Wall Studio. Given we'll be renting when the baby is born, painting the nursery green will be impractical, but a fun and bright decal will liven up the room quite nicely without being permanent. There are loads that I like but this one with it's animals and trees is lots of fun!

Did you have a theme or favourite colour when your little one was born? Or do you have a vision of what your nursery might look like when you have a baby? Or do you already have a favourite colour that you like to wear or decorate with?



Not Quite Nigella said...

I love green! It's so gender neutral but soothing too :) Love the jungle design too!

Maxabella said...

OF COURSE this is going to become a blog all about babies!!! You can't fight it, believe me.

Green is gorgeous, good and non-gender-specific. Green is perfect. So is that armchair for breast feeding (experience tells me this!!) x

Amy said...

Clearly I've been thinking about all this far too much, but I love neutrals, taupes and browns, with pops of bold colour - green is definitely a gender neutral fav, as is a big bold orange, or the teal/red combo. I'm also big on those nursery decorations currently doing the rounds on the interwebs, involving simple embroidery hoops holding bright, cheery fabrics (do a google images search!) as wall hangings - defo rental friendly and easy to construct.

Have you spent any time gazing at the sample nurseries on Pottery Barn kids? Aaargh be still my heart!

I love the bold green crib!

The Mummy said...

The Ektorp is a great chair - so soft to sit in, perfect for bedtime stories, and wide enough to sort of curl up sideways in when you're doing midnight feeds and are half asleep ;)

The green Bug is lovely! I don't suppose you can buy the purple tailored canvas separately?! I would love that!

Sigh. I think the blog might become all about the baby. I never thought that I would become one of those 'baby people' but now I struggle to recall what I used to talk about / think about before The Baby...


Faux Fuchsia said...

Massive Congratulations on the baby! Quite the best news. Forget the books. I read not one pregnancy book- I started to and got stressed so I put them down and just had fun and went with it. I LOVED being pregnant and hope you do too. All you need is a Good Sensible obstertrician ( I had a tough Irish broad who is a Grandma and all about Patient Care- she was the best)and you'll be fine. make sure you are going to a really nice hospital too- you cannot underestimate how important the room is and you need really good nurses too. I didn't bother with those pre preg ante natal classes either. Just enjoy it -it goes so fast. I loved doing the nursery and I know you'll get a kick out of it too. Happy for you S! K x

Faux Fuchsia said...

Also bugaboo is Essential. Good choice. But rethink the 2 piece nature of it please...I swore I'd never blog about babies but I couldn't help it in the end. But I still have other interests. Pls email me as I have a maternity frock I wore once you might want x

Z said...

I know nothing about babies nor baby supplies, but I can recommend the Ektorp to you. My sister just bought one and it is so soft and snuggly, but still structured. It's a lovely looking chair, too.

Anonymous said...

I love green for babies! My daughter has lots of green pink combinations.

While I don't normally like trees on walls (reminds me too much of The Ring) the monkeys are very cute. Also check out the Wall Sticker Company for different designs.

Ms Curious @ CCM said...

Green is a lovely colour! I will think twice about a collapsible cot though, I rate stability highly.

I love the wall decal! It's probably time for us to update the decal in TLG's room ...

MissPosy said...

Loving the green! I hated green when I was a wee one (maybe because my mother liked it? I have no idea), but I've really grown to appreciate it. I feel like buying the Bugaboo in green now just so I have it when I eventually have babies ;)

Can't wait to see your finished nursery - it will be amazing!

Shella said...

yay, green is a calming colour. We did Miss A's room all white walls with a dark green feature wall. She has raspberry dark pink curtains with lighter floral curtains on the insides(can draw the dark pink ones shut for blockout, but can open up and have see through pink floral. She has rabbit's holding love hearts on her wall with cute words on them (5 wall plaques I made). She is moving to a new room soon though. I bought her fabric decals of teapots with tea dripping out of them into, teacups and saucers with cupcakes and hearts. Can't wait to do her new room. The "green room" will become new babys room and just change the bunnies and curtains :)

Can't wait to read all your journey and exciting things.

xx Shella

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Thanks for all your comments everyone! I am excited that the Ektorp gets such a good rap - Mr K didn't even flinch at the price which is great.

The Mummy - I emailed you but Minimee stocks the Deep Purple as a separate cover set as well as the full shebang. $179.95:

FF - do you mean having to remove the seat to collapse the pram? I did consider this but it's very hard to find a light-ish pram which lasts from birth to 4 years old that works in all the configurations that the Boo does. It's so confusing! In the end, the Boo does everything we need it to so the two part part we will have to live with!

Thanks for everyone's comments on decorating - I am so excited about what we are going to do with the nursery. I'm sure I will change my mind a thousand times between now and when the baby arrives. But it's so much fun looking for the moment! Amy - I am off to Pottery Barn now!

The Mummy said...

Hmm I think I replied but lost the comment!

Thanks so much for the purple link - I think some purple tailored canvas is on the US shopping list ;) Love the baby pink, but not if next baby is a boy.

Personally for our nursery we went for boring baby pink, white, grey and cream. It's predictable but with dark wood furniture was not too saccharine, and it is VERY soothing to sit in. I love that cot - what a gorgeous shade of green!

We have the Cameleon and adore it. Of course, everyone has different requirements and priorities, but for us, I would not have another pram. I find it easy to collapse and set up, even while holding baby (just takes a bit of practice!), and having the bassinet was important for us. Tabby slept in the bassinet while we were on holidays when she was small, so handy.

After lots of research (including accosting poor families on the street many times!) we went with the Bug Cameleon, and could not be happier with it. It's one of my favourite baby items, and I would choose it again, given the choice.

For quick trips, mind, I always just pop her in the Ergo! Easier and quicker than any stroller, leaves my hands free, and she prefers being at eye level with people anyway...

All prams have their pros and cons, I suppose, but for what it's worth, we are 100 per cent thrilled with our Cameleon, having used it for nearly a year in both configurations.

Sydney Shop Girl said...


So clucky now.

Not sure if this is the right time or place but have you browsed Seriously the best baby furniture store ever. Oprah endorsed. They are in Melbourne.

I am in love with their suspended Miyo cot thing. It is pratically guaranteed to help baby sleep faster and has 3 different kinds of attachment - home, door frame and travel.

It can bear my body weight too, according to the specs.

I just might buy one for myself.

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

PS - I'm a T&Co blue, white and beige person as far as baby room colours go. But for prams I would go bright. I think you can get interchangeable sets of covers etc for bugaboos. Why narrow yourself to one colourway?

Faux Fuchsia said...

Like SSG my nurdery is white beige and Tiffany blue- good choice SSG! I love how generous the comments get when a baby is on the horizon!

Anonymous said...

Apple green is a gorgeous colour. I really do like the cot as it's so unique to see a green cot!

The good thing about the Cameleon is at least it comes in different colours so even though it's popular you can hope that not many people will have the limited edition green (and you an always get another color sunshade if you want a change).

I went with a pretty vibrant and bold colour scheme with my nursery (bright green, red, blue). I think the nursery is pretty much more about your taste than for the baby so go with what you like...

And don't stop blogging about baby stuff! It's so exciting!

Sophie P said...

This makes me want a baby!! Haha... (not quite yet in my plans...) Green is such a gorgeous colour for a new born. There's also a pram brand called Quinny and they have a gorgeous stroller in 'citro'- go to (I'm not a pro but a friend of mine has got one and she loves it!). Happy green hunting XXX

Blighty said...

I love that jolly green cot! And I have 3 Ikea Ektorp sofas *, they are really comfy *overdoing things as usual!! Glad to hear the morning sickness has gone xx