Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter: In other news...

1. The five day Easter Break is playing havoc with my internet shopping. Not being work inclined at the moment, I don't get the benefit of five days off (which is not really a complaint, just an observation). My complaint is this - I have seen so many lovely thing I want to buy online recently, however with only 5 working days until we leave for the US, the likelihood of me receiving anything before leaving is very very slim, especially from overseas. I will have to keep my fingers crossed that items of desire, like the above Marks and Spencer dress, remain in stock until I get home.

2. Easter baking is playing havoc with my healthy eating resolve: Now the morning sickness has decided it's pretty much finished with me, I am off my solid diet of cheese flavoured things and attempting to embrace a healthier eating regime. Nigella's Norwegian Cinnamon buns that I baked last weekend and that are now gracing our freezer and the freshly baked Not Quite Nigella Mocha Cinnamon buns (minus the coffee part) are not helping me with that resolve... Luckily I haven't over indulged in the purchase of Easter eggs yet. Yet.

3. The fact that shops are very closed over the weekend near where I live means I need to be more organised than usual with what we want to eat. Unfortunately with my slightly confuddled baby brain, this means more hard work for moi. Thank goodness I have Mr K to remind me of things I need to do. Although I'm fairly certain cleaning the house wasn't on my list, despite his protestations that it definitely was...



TheStylishShoeGirl said...

Hello from Singapore! Only 5 working days until you leave?? Wow that's gone fast!
Fortunately, nothing here is closed over Easter and there are even Easter sales, not that I need any encouragement!
All of that food and cooking sounds divine.
What are you doing with your fur family whilst away?

Sarah said...

Certainly cleaning was NOT on your list I know! I'd remember!! Hope you get the dress... it's lovely.. Happy Easter to you xxx

Blighty said...

i had an M&S black jersey preg dress for work, it was brill xxx

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

SSG - I hope you are having a great holiday! Nice and relaxing! The kittehs go to the place we call the Purrrr Hyatt - a beautiful boarding house just around the corner from us, run by the breeder we bought them from.

Sarah - apparently it is so. But we'll clean tomorrow... I hope you have a lovely Easter!

Blighty - good to hear. It looks like a staple item. Fingers crossed it will still be in stock when I get back!