Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Heart Baby Clothes.

It's official - babies have the best clothes.

I held off buying anything until I had my 12 week scan. I would walk past racks of little cardigans and dresses, merino playsuits and bunny ear hats justitching to purchase something. But I wanted to make sure I was in the "safe zone" before Going Nuts.

But since then I have to say I have been quite restrained. Not knowing what I am having has put a little bit of a dampener on the buying process - we do plan to find out but not until we get back from the US. Irrespective of the variety we get (I'm happy either way, I think Mr K might be hoping for another cat as he's very good with them - they are a known quantity) buying gender neutral clothes isn't as fun as buying clothes for a little girl or boy.

Until you happen upon the marvellous creations from NiteOwlDesigns on Etsy.

The onesies are just superb - handcrafted, beautifully designed and made. I ordered three - the owl, the hedgehog and the monkey. On the advice of The Mummy, I also ordered a few of Jenny's gorgeous bibs too, just in case the baby is a dribbler!

I can't wait for them to arrive! If they are as good as I am hoping I plan to buy many more!



KittyCate said...

SO cute! I lovelovelove owls! LOL at Mr K hoping for another cat xx

The Mummy said...

Super cute! Owls are perfect for bedtime wear. Speaking of bibs, I think you need to get this one for your kitten

Too cute!

Shella said...

Love these. You've inspired me to make my own. I have done this kind of thing in felt on tote bags before (bambi with butterfly on it's tail). Must get more crafty.

NiteOwl Designs said...


I was noticing on Etsy that I had some visitors coming from your site. I am so very honored to have my onesie on your site and am extremely happy you enjoy the onesies! :) I would love to create something for you again!