Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Royal Wedding: The best dressed...

Always controversial, the best/worst dressed lists at a wedding (particularly one as high profile as this one) are always fraught with debate and vigorous discussion. it seems everyone has a different opinion as to who belongs on which and people rarely agree.

I'm drawing a line in the sand though - here are my picks.

A clarification up front: Just because someone didn't make the list it doesn't mean they aren't well dressed. There were lots of beautifully dressed people, I can't possibly include them all. But here are the pick of the bunch, in my eyes, anyway!

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Always polished, age appropriate and dressed beautifully at events such as these. She still ranks up there as one of my favourite royal brides. At this wedding she wore a gorgeous frock coat in duck egg blue and champagne by Anna Valentine (who also designed both her wedding dresses and the wedding dress of her daughter Laura) and a stunning Philip Treacy Hat. The curve of the hat adds a certain softness to the outfit which suits her very well. The flare of the coat at the bottom suits her figure beautifully - this is a woman who understands what suits her and what photographs well. It's a breathtaking ensemble.

Pippa Middleton

It's a rare bride who is outdone by her bridesmaid, but in this case I think I like Pippa's dress more than Kate's. The silhouette is quintessential McQueen - the structured shoulder, the cap sleeve, the draping; and it was so very sexy while still remaining demure and covered up, helped by the choice of silk backed crepe for the fabric no doubt. It's a hard line to tread for a traditional church service but she is perfection. Her hair was beautifully done and the dress fit her perfectly. A trend setter to watch for the future.

Crown Crincess Victoria of Sweden

Victoria rarely puts a foot wrong. Her style is mature but still fashion forward. She always looks elegant and age appropriate but never like someone else (no mutton here!). She understands formality and ceremony and I think she cuts the perfect figure here - not too formal, not too casual, not too sexy, but sexy enough. The Elie Saab dress in tangerine, a colour not many people can wear, is not only beautiful on her but very of the moment. Her jewellery is discrete and her hat is simple and elegant. Plus her husband, the handsome Duke of Vastergotland, is the ultimate accessory.

Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands

They say a big genuine smile is the greatest accessory a girl can have. If that's the case, then Maxima always has it covered. From black tie event to horsing around with her kids, she always looks relaxed and gorgeous. Her ensemble here is perfect - the on trend blush lace suits her blonde colouring and her hat, positioned further towards the back of her head, gives everyone a good view of her pretty face. Accessories are simple and classic. A winner.

Crown Princess Pavlos (Marie-Chantal) of Greece

A dark horse among the European Royals, MC doesn't often feature on many of my best dressed lists, as she tends to wear things that I find too pale for her or sometimes aging or dowdy. But in this instance, she is all class. The silvery blue-grey really suits her, the textured slip dress is stylish and the hat is a work of art. It's high drama couture without being too over the top. Plus I love the matching Louboutin shoes. This is one instance where I think people might disagree with me as it could be seen as too eclectic for some. So be it.

Julia Gillard

Now I'm not sure Joooolya has ever featured on anyone's best dressed list, but I have to say she absolutely exceeded expectations on this occasion. I loved the origami style pleating on the Aurelio Costarella jacket and I think she looks lovely in navy. I love that she (or her stylist) mixed and matched designers and that her hat was not couture. It shows you don't have to spend a lot of money to look really fabulous. He hair was fantastic too - the ehole look was appropriate and for once she outdid our normally very stylish Governor General. Julia's style on the most recent overseas trip has been fabulous to watch - elegant, sophisticated. Keep up the excellent work!


Images featured from Hello Magazine,, The LA Times and Getty Images.

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