Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy belated Easter everyone!

And what better way to celebrate the passing of yet another egg day than with fabulous, moment appropriate stationery accessories?

Available at Design Life Shop for just $24.95. A bargain I say! I might just buy them, if I can keep them a secret from Mr K - he'd be likely to steal them!



The Mummy said...

SO cute! Great find. Our nursery has a 'bunnies and butterflies' theme, you'd be surprised how many gorgeous bunny items there are out there... Or at least I was!

Linda in Chile said...

Dear Miss Kitty-Cat, What a beautiful image! We are taking Easter very seriously this year - there is a pigeon outside my daughters' window sitting on two perfect eggs. We feel rather like anxious aunties! Lindaxxx

Sammie said...

I have only just discovered your blog.
I was drawn by your saying under your blog name.
I'm the same at you!
A Melbourne girl at heart, but living in Sydney... Thirty something and also expecting a baby! (Early Sept)

Miss Vodka said...

She looked lovely but I wonder how much better she could have looked had she had her make up done by a professional.