Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Bug's Life...

I'm not a huge fan of creepy crawlies in real life, but I really seem to like them on jewellery. I find them interesting and fascinating. People have to look a little bit harder to see that you are wearing a ladybug, a spider or a cicada as part of your bejewelled accessory collection - it makes them my own little private joke.

Here are some of my favourites:
I've blogged about Elk before - they are one of my favourite lower priced jewellery and accessory companies. The make great on trend pieces from wood and metal. This cicada necklace ($50) is a favourite - I have worn it many times. The colour pops beautifully when you wear it with all black (which is often the case with me) and the fact that it is inexpensive makes it all the more wearable.

Mimco's latest collection features this little gem - a cool and hip necklace that features black agate beads and glass pearls, with two beautifully crafted bugs adorned with Swarovski crystals. Matching earrings are available but I love the necklace ($229) just by itself.

Alex Monroe is another designer I have blogged about before - his beautiful nature designs rendered in gold and silver make for stunning jewellery. Focusing on bugs, birds and plants, his pieces are longer term investments that can be worn for a lifetime. This dragonfly necklace is stunning, capturing the bug theme perfectly while remaining chic (120 pounds, approximately $185).

And for something a little more decadent, we'll turn to Tiffany for this diamond and platinum butterfly necklace. At $5250, it's certainly out of my price range but a girl can dream can't she? If you have to have it, it's available at Tiffany in the US for $3650 (a little over $3400 AUD, plus local tax).

Do you love bugs on your jewellery?


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Kiki Chaos said...

I do love bugs, although I'm not sure even a silver cicada wouldn't freak me out! :D I remember I loved Alex Monroe's bumblebee necklace. I still want it. Did you end up getting one of his pieces?