Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A huge, dramatic week

We have had a monumental week in the Kitty household.

We drove to Melbourne overnight (call us mad but at least Georgie slept through the entire trip) and were greeted by floods and floods of rain - yay!

The day we were due to leave Melbourne, we were unfortunately rear ended while sitting at an intersection in St Kilda. Luckily we were all okay, however, the car - not so much. We lost the rear window of the Volvo station wagon, shattered all over the intersection and the tailgate is completely wrecked.

Cue an hour and 38 minutes on the phone to our insurance company in the pouring rain as everything we owned gradually got wetter and wetter as the car filled with water. The car was completely undriveable for any kind of distance with no back window. Luckily we could get back to the apartment we stayed at previously and some hard and fast negotiation by Mr Kitty saw a new window fitted in almost record time the following day. My mother and father came to the rescue, driving Georgie and I back to Castlemaine with all of our stuff. Which we then proceeded to wash the glass from. Yay.

Unfortunately things didn't get much better from there. Poor wee Georgie took it upon herself to start growing more teeth just as we arrived in Castlemaine. Timely much? Sleepless nights and grizzling and general unhappiness abounded, culminating in a co-sleeping nightmare whipped into a frenzy of screaming, pain and nurofen induced blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

And as we got home, I collapsed - literally - into a pile of snot. A week of stress, sleeplessness, cold, damp and craziness meant that by the end I was completely rundown. Getting the sniffles was inevitable.

One of my mother's artworks

The upsides of the week - we ate at MamaBaba and Red Spice Road (one of my favourite restaurants of all time), I spent some quality time with some of my favorite ladies and I got to see my mother's gallery exhibition which was phenomenally good. She is so very talented. The exhibition is on at the moment at the Faulkner Gallery in Castlemaine until the beginning of July and then from the beginning until the end of September (closed for August). If you are in the area, I highly recommend stopping by.

So, all in all, an overwhelming week in the Kitty house. I'm spending the next few days having some well deserved R&R, in an attempt to kick this cold out of the ballpark. Fingers crossed Georgie gets with the program and sleeps well!

Peace, out.

Kitty x


Unknown said...

Oh no, flood water is not a good look- poor baby G... My boyfriend lives in Castlemaine so will definitely try and see the exhibition! I love going there, such a sweet town xxx

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Sophie, Castlemaine is the best. Definitely check out the exhibition - it's lovely. If you go, make sure you stop by Apple Annie's bakery and cafe next door for an orange brioche. They are heaven on a stick. I dream about them.

K xx

Z said...

Goodness, sounds like your parmesan crumpets were beyond well-deserved then. You must be due for a run of good luck, that's for sure.