Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chilly winter and coats

One of the disadvantages of travelling to Las Vegas in Summer is the lack of winter clothing available in stores. Even at outlets. It doesn't really get cold in Vegas, so even remaindered stock is too light for a Sydney cold snap. It means I usually have to wait for months before I can wear my US haul at home.

I have been looking for a coat for our trip to Europe for a few months now. We'll be in Chamonix in September and Paris in October (as well as London with it's variable weather at the end of September). I'll need something relatively warm. I thought I was on to a winner at David Lawrence a while ago but when I tried the coat on, I just didn't feel it. I haven't seen anything I liked anywhere else and I wasn't even really looking in the US. And then I walked into Elie Tahari.

I have never really thought of him as a designer for me. I usually think of his clothes as more red carpet or cocktail frocks. That's not really my life at the moment (unfortunately) so imagine my surprise and delight when I walked into the store to find racks of coats! Beautiful, warm, fabulous coats! A wealth of options - well more than one. That was a start.

After much trying on (well, three minutes - that's a luxury for this mum) I settled on the Clarissa coat - reduced down to a very respectable $150 from $698. Bargain I say! I'm so glad I walked in to the store. I also managed to find a lovely metallic silver cardigan for $90. Double hurrah!

We are off to Melbourne in a few weeks - I can't wait to give it a test run!


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Smaggle said...

I love a good trench and DL has the BEST tailoring.