Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Renovate me: Oven

No - don't worry. We haven't started the renovations yet. But this caught my eye and I had to share. It's an Ilve Quadra 120cm with inbuilt BBQ. Heaven. It has 6 Gas Burners including 2 Quad ring Wok Burners and Electric Hot Volcanic Rock BBQ and two electric ovens (90cm + 30cm) with Dual Rotisserie in stainless steel. Be still my beating heart.

I'm trying to convince Mr K that this oven is an absolute necessity. Somewhat unsuccessfully so far, but I have high hopes that large amounts of begging, and equal measures of whinging and crying may just push me over the line. However, at approximately $15,000 it's a tough sell. And it doesn't even cook dinner for you - you still have to do all the work yourself.

Sigh. I loves it.



Maxabella said...

What in god's name are ou going o do with SIX gas burners??? x

Maxabella said...

My iPad makes me sound like a slow learner. Sorry bout at. :)

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

Ha!! It's more the opportunity to bake a pavlova and a slow cooked shoulder of lamb at the same time. Lord knows I am not going to get it but it's nice to dream...

K xx

Amy said...

I would totally use 6 gas burners. You've seen my Ilve, it's the 900mm Quadra with Teppanyaki. I've used the teppanyaki plate ONCE only and stuck it down in the drawer at the bottom as I use the fish burner more often. If I had the space I would definitely have the one you have chosen, without a doubt. Mum has the similar one with two 60cm doors side by side and laments not getting this model as the wider main cooking space is much more practical.

(I reiterate though, keep an eye on Grays. Ilve are always offloading new stuff [not seconds] there when they have overstock or are moving floorstock).