Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Floral arrangements...

I have always wanted to go out to the flower markets at Sydney Markets on a Saturday. We have been out to the produce markets many times but we just haven't crossed the car park to venture to the florally bit.

This Saturday, I actually had an excuse to go out to visit the flowers. We needed some decoration for the baby shower (in addition t the beautiful bunting we had) so we woke up early and traipsed out to see what we could get.

How divine are these pale pink long stemmed roses? So pretty.

We ended up with an absolute abundance of roses: bunches of hot pink and very pale pink and a swathe of snapdragons. Probably more than we needed but they were all so pretty. And the best thing? More flowers than we really needed for the bargain price of $40. Seriously. Less than one bunch of roses from a florist. It's worth the walk across the carpark to buy discount blooms that will last beautifully. I'm definitely doing it again once we venture back to the markets.

We had about half a dozen tiny vases of hot pink rosebuds dotted around the house...

Gorgeous snapdragons - the vase was an engagement present from my parents and this was the perfect arrangement to put in it!



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous flowers! I wish I wasn't so lazy and could make it there at a decent time to get good flowers/produce!

TheStylishShoeGirl said...

Stunning flowers - completely understand how you managed to buy more than you needed for such a bargain price!!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

riotersbloc - I can highly recommend the early start. We buy boxes of stone fruit at the markets in summer and the savings are fantastic. Particularly good if you like making jam like me! And the flowers were beautiful. I bought expensive ones (would you believe it?) but there are even better bargains on offer.

SSG - We have so many beautiful flowers in the house. It makes me so smiley and happy when I see them. Will definitely go back, particularly when snapdragons are $10 for three large bunches!

K xx