Sunday, September 25, 2011

Current obsession: Whisk and Pin muesli cookies.

I fear I have become addicted to Whisk and Pin muesli cookies.

It's an expensive habit - at $12 a packet of 10 (50g) cookies, I am at risk of bankrupting poor Mr K. The cookies are soft and luscious and full of dried fruit (apricots and raisins, predominantly) coconut, oats and walnuts. They are truly delicious and I'm sure not at all good for you, despite the healthy connotations of muesli.

I think I might have to try and replicate the recipe at home. If anyone has a soft muesli cookie recipe I would love to hear about it!

For those of you interested in trying out the cookies, they are available at Thomas Dux or through their website. Other stockists are also available on their website.



Semi Expat said...

These cookies sound amazingly delish - no wonder you are hooked! And I loved the striped theme from your last post especially the first gorgeous maxi dress. XX

Anonymous said...

My mouth is watering...I can't decide if I want to eat those cookies or that fantastic looking baby shower cake!.

Wagga Caro said...

Did you have any luck cooking up something similar? I am also addicted and would love to bake something similar at home...