Thursday, October 28, 2010

Luxe or less?

So it occurred to me this morning as I was contemplating things while I was on my walk that I think I do want a bumblebee necklace...

But I thought that maybe 117 pounds might be a tad expensive for someone who is supposed to be conserving funds. I would ask Mr Kitty to buy it for my Christmas present, but apparently he has something else planned (more on that later).

I asked myself whether it was that exact bee I wanted or if I wanted just a bee necklace?

Here are some others I came up with from the gorgeous etsy - I thought I would share, just in case you are in the market for a bee like me but can't justify the cost!

Charms4you: $16

This plate style necklace really took my fancy. It's from lisahopkins and is $75

I love the Victoriana feel of this locket. It's very sweet! It's from birdznbeez and is $22

Another sweet little locket - this one's from simplywillow and is $32

Or if you want something a little more glam, and dare I say it, expensive (or if you are celebrating a special birthday or anniversary), take yourselves over to Tiffany's for a look at this little gem:

Tiffany & Co - $5000 (or $3200 if it's purchased in the US)

Happy bee hunting kittens!

Kitty x

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How sweet! The first one is adorable but my favourite is the simply willow one.
I have a thing for lockets on long chains