Monday, October 11, 2010

Christmas comes early?

Faux Fuchsia has put up her Holiday tree. All the supermarkets in the UK have their Christmas lollies and treats in stock. I feel very behind the eight-ball. I am blaming my horrid cold and travel-lag that I have had over the past two weeks but I certainly do have some planning and organising to do.

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the food, the cards, the presents, the parties... I have already done a lot of my Christmas shopping, courtesy of overseas holidays this year and being super-dooper organised. There's only Mr Kitty to go in the present stakes and he's really hard to buy for as me maintains he needs nothing (let's not get into the discussion that presents are not about need, they are about want, generosity and spoiling people as I have had that one over and over with him).

Christmas Day this year is at my parents so there is no food to organise for the moment. We'll bake Christmas cakes and puddings in November but that's at least 3 weeks away yet. I can't bake my cookies yet - it's too early. My mother doesn't want to talk about the menu as yet.

So that just leaves Christmas cards. I prefer buying my cards from the fabulous etsy, and last year I bought beautiful letterpress cards which I would certainly like to do again. However, like Cclarebear it seems like I am a bit early on that front. There aren't a lot of cards for sale yet and I am getting a bit frustrated... Hurry up etsy people!! Get your Christmas lovelies listed so I can start buying!

Other than that I am right on top of everything. Sad really - It's the beginning of October and Christmas is almost sorted. Lord knows what I am going to do for the next eleven weeks.

Maybe I might have to get a job. Anyone want to hire me?



Anonymous said...

Christmas is my favourite - I get into trouble when I talk about before... say... late November. Definitely no Christmas tree until December. Won't stop me shopping clandestinely though :P

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to Christmas this year, TLG will be able to get into the spirit of things. Let's hope he doesn't pull down the tree! I want to get some new baubles, I'm waiting for them to go on sale at Myer.

Blighty said...

Goodness you are so organised, I am just starting to dread Halloween ( or Hallo Ian, as the boys call it) which involves all out attempt by the small mad people to achieve multiple dental cavities in one evening of sweetie debaucheryxx

Carla said...

Faux Fuchsia has ignited a flame in me. I haven't had a Christmas Tree since I moved out of home but I think it might be time to change that logic.

I'll have to do some searching for Christmas Decorations. Should I buy a fake tree? Or go real? I've never gone fake before!

She Wore It Well said...

waaaayyy early IMO :( i don't celebrate christmas until january, which is NEXT YEAR and i'm not ready for NEXT YEAR. i still haven't done half the things i wanted to accomplish in 2010!

She Wore It Well Blog

Semi Expat said...

Am impressed with your organisational skills Miss Kitty! And I have to admit that I did pick up some bargain (but very lovely) Xmas cards when I was in UK. Loving reading through your posts... thought I commented on your LK Bennett one but the blog monsters may have taken it away! And how delish did that fish and chips look at Rick's. X
Oh, and p.s. I also have a seafood allergy too (crab) - very unfortunately.

Faux Fuchsia said...

Have you actioned your tree yet? x