Tuesday, October 5, 2010

LK Bennett

One of my new discoveries on this trip was LK Bennett, a UK clothing chain for discerning fashionistas who love the ladylike look. I really love LK Bennett. The dresses are just the shizz. I adore the shape, the style, the sassiness.

I honestly had never been a huge fan before this trip but the first time I walked into the store on the Kings Road in Chelsea and felt the weight of the jersey and saw the styling I was hooked. It's such great quality and the cut of the dresses is so superior I couldn't not buy, well, a few of them. Because it would be rude not to.

I tried taking my own photos but they, like most jersey dresses, looked a bit sack-like on the hanger so I may have appropriated the shots from their website. I got a few of the purchases on sale which is also good news for the Kitty-Cat bank balance.

Kasia - a classic, 125 pounds

Lueta - a bargain at 65 pounds!
Viola - I bought the black of course, but they only have blue left. The best part is the dress is actually reversable so you get two for the price of one! Which is reasonable at 115 pounds! But if the blue had been in stock when I'd been there I may have bought it as well...

Shilo - this gorgeous jewel colour court is extremely similar to the Christian Louboutin Simple pump but at a fraction of the price. I found these at an outlet store for 55 pounds but they are on the website on sale for 70, still a very good price!

Hester - although it doesn't look like it from the photo, this belt actually matches the shoes beautifully and offsets the drab black of my everyday wardrobe really well. I bought it for 35 pounds at an outlet and I'm sorry I didn't buy the turquoise as well!

LK Bennett does ship to Australia but the shipping costs are a bit ouchy (45 pounds for the first item plus 7.50 for each additional item) but if you buy a few things I guess it's worth it. Or maybe plan a holiday to the UK just to check them out! The quality is second to none - you won't be disappointed!



Blighty said...

I think I might have the Lueta, bought it a couple of months ago, in a beigey brown - don't tell Mr Blighty!

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

I won't tell Mr Blighty if you don't tell Mr Kitty that I bought both the Kasia and the Lueta - two dresses that are basically the same!

The Lueta is a really gorgeous dress. So easy to wear and flattering for everyone I have seen it on. I'm surprised I only bought one!

Amy said...

Thanks kitty, I also share the love of the Forgiving Jersey Frock - I have put LK Bennett on my (frighteningly extensive) list of shops to visit :)

Anonymous said...

love love LOVE those shoes. want.

Unknown said...

The Viola looks very Joan Holloway/Mad Men! :D

Anonymous said...

Arrgh that was me. Hubby was logged into my computer :)

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

The Viola is indeed very Joan. I have to practice my Joan walk when I wear it!

Clare - The shoes are the shizz. So cute and the colour is really vibrant!

Amy - it's an absolute must - you are going to love LK!!