Monday, April 16, 2012

Six months.

Dearest Baby G,

How the last six months have flown. It seems like yesterday we brought you home from hospital and now look at us: not only are thriving, you are turning into a beautiful little girl with such a personality. Your sweet little face is always smiling - your lips turned up in an impish grin and your eyes permanently crinkled with glee. You are so beautiful.

Your latest accomplishment is sitting on your own. It's something that has happened in the last few days and you are so pleased with yourself and your newest trick. It delights us so to watch you engage with your toys from a different angle - everything old is new again. Your desire to move around is not hampered by the fact you can't crawl. You simply roll to wherever you want to be.

You love your cats so much - it's a delight to watch your face light up when they come into view. Millie is your particular favourite, always welcoming of a pat or a cuddle, although gentle is a word that still has to be learned. Max gives you a wide berth but I'm sure it won't be long before he succumbs to your charms.

You are getting very vocal - lots of yabbering away all day (and sometimes throughout the night). We are beginning to understand what you want. Most of the time it's what we won't let you have: our phones, lunch, water glasses... You love being read to and often add your own commentary to books. Your particular favourite is "Where is the green sheep?".

Speaking of water, you are still our little dolphin. You adore splashing about in the bath and playing with your duck collection. We can't wait to take you for your first swim very soon.

Food continues to be a delight for everyone in the family. Your favourite foods are quite firmly mango, pear, rice cereal and pumpkin, with plum, sweetcorn and sweet potato next on the list. Avocado is quite good but cauliflower and banana were big fails, as was plain potato. Peas you didn't care for but yoghurt is a new found passion of yours. You are quite fond of rusks and love to drink water from a cup. As far as you are concerned, sippy cups are for babies, not big grown up girls like you. We are slowly trying to introduce chicken but it's gritty texture isn't quite to your fancy. It's a work in progress.

Over the past few weeks we have been introduced to the delights of teething. You now have two little sharp teeth which was worth the grumpiness and interrupted sleep. You are very proud of your new acquisitions, showing them off to anyone and everyone.

Over the next six months we have a lot of travel planned: after surviving our first road trip to visit Granny and Tonka and your great aunt in Adelaide, we are off to the US in a few weeks and then Europe in September. You'll be a part of the international jetset before you can walk.

Dearest girl, you continue to be the sunshine in our lives. Everyday is filled with laughter and joy. We wouldn't be so bold as to suggest that life is perfect but the good days outweigh the bad tenfold. And the bad times just make the good times more special and wonderful. We are constantly reminded of how lucky and privileged we are to be your loving parents.

Mummy xx


ThePassionateShopper said...

Awwww she's a total cutie :)

Sammie said...

She beat Abi to toofs!!!
Lovey 6 month momento

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Oh she is a cutie!

SSG xxx

Paula said...

I would love to hear her squeaking scream in the 2nd photo!
So cute!

Emma - Living through our renovations... said...

She is adorable!

Love the pic of her and the cat :-)


Leah said...

What a gorgeous post, and your little one is adorable :)

KittyCate said...

What a lovely post - Baby G is just gorgeous, that little tiger hoodie is killing me! xx

Not Quite Nigella said...

*sigh* She's absolutely perfect! Love her expressions and that last photo is gorgeous :D